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Things we worry about

When Ivalee was a baby, I was a typical first-time mom – worrying about every little thing and stressing every single decision as though the world would spin off its axis if I chose the wrong path. I’ve found that with Naomi, I’ve been able be a lot more low-key and stress less and thus enjoy her infancy more. She’s a good and easy baby too, so that helps.

She’s been a champion sleeper since the beginning. We’ve only had three sleepless nights with her in the nearly three months she’s been on the outside. (And two of those three nights were direct results of poor dietary choices I made during the preceding day.)

Last night marks one week of her sleeping through the night from 10:30/11ish to 11 on mornings I don’t have to work; 7 on mornings I do (when I wake her to feed before I drop her and Ivalee at my parents’).

She cluster-feeds like crazy in the evenings – squirreling away food for the Great Hibernation. I lay her down as soon as she appears to be nodding off. Then she wakes up 10, 11, 12 hours later. And after all that, I would expect her to wake up starving and angry. But that’s not been the case. She’s never fussy or anything. Always just laying there with her thumb in her mouth. It’s the craziest thing.

So naturally, my reaction is to assume something is wrong.


I have friends who are moms of new little ones who are having a hard time sleeping at night. So I feel guilty and silly complaining and worrying about how much Naomi is sleeping at night. Is there a point where it becomes a concern? I guess.

But she’s very healthy; she’s active and alert at certain points during the day; she’s got a healthy appetite; she’s doing new things all the time.

I’ve decided not to worry about it and enjoy the extra sleep I did not expect to be getting this early in the game. I just wanted to write this down so everyone can laugh with me about how I can take this huge parenting blessing and turn it into something to worry about.

Bless my heart.


Cloth Diapering: Homemade Cloth Wipes Solution

When Ivalee was a baby, we battled a lot of diaper rash issues that required me to use a gentle spray solution and and a warm cloth wipe (wet only with warm water) at diaper changes. Naomi doesn’t appear to have the same skin sensitivity. So I did a little research about a homemade wipe solution so I could save some money on wipes. I found a few recipes and tried a few with too much soap or too much other stuff I didn’t have on hand.

I sort of improvised one combining major elements from a few different recipes. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I really like it! And it’s made of stuff I had at home anyway!


I use 1TBSP coconut oil, 1 TBSP baby wash, and 2 c. boiling water

Stir it all up. (This is a double recipe.)
I use a wipe warmer to keep the wipes handy on the changing table. I saturate the wipes and close it up – easy peasy. I use a salad dressing dispenser to keep another batch handy for middle of the week laundry day when I need more wipes.

So … on another note: Naomi put herself to sleep last night in the cosleeper. And she’s still asleep 11.5 hours later. What in the world with this baby’s ability to sleep and sleep and sleep?! I’m not complaining at all, but it’s just crazy. She’s a champ!!

The Diaper Stash


I finally got down to business and cleaned/prepped all the diapers and got them sized-down to the smallest settings and stuffed and folded and … here’s what we have.

Newborn Stash (courtesy of Cassie and Mendy, who loaned me their stash of small-sized diapers):

  • 20 GMD prefolds
  • 3 Snappis
  • 10 Kissaluvs fitteds
  • 6 small and x-small Thirsties AIOs
  • 7 small and x-small Thirsties covers
  • 4 Imse Vimse covers
  • 2 Weehuggers covers
  • 1 handmade cotton fitted with a handmade cover

And My Stash:

  • 15 Bum Genius OS (3.0s and 4.0s)
  • 8 FuzziBunz OS
  • 5 Rumparooz OS (2 snaps and 3 velcro)
  • 1 Kawaii OS
  • 2 Smartipants OS
  • 1 Thirsties OS cover
  • 5 prefolds
  • one Medium-sized FuzziBunz
  • a lot of microfiber (and one hemp) inserts
  • 8 fleece liners
  • 1 PlanetWise diaper pail liner
  • and 1 Bummis wetbag


Cloth Diapers, a small bump in the road

It stands to reason that since the entire purpose for a diaper’s existence is to absorb wetness and hold-in … other things … when a diaper stops doing part of its job, it can be a bit frustrating.

So when this was happening:


… I knew it was time for some serious diaper-stripping. I’ve had to hot-soak my diapers before whenever we were dealing with ammonia smells and diaper rashes. So if you’d asked me before this week, I’d have said, “Yes, I’ve stripped my diapers before.” But I had experienced nothing like this!

For some background, Ivalee has — again — been fighting an awful diaper rash lately. So we’ve been treating it with pretty heavy (CD safe) diaper cream use, instead of the usual hit-or-miss, preventative application.

Last week, I started noticing that Ivalee was leaking out almost every night. We’re getting close to potty-training and this was so discouraging to me that she was peeing THAT MUCH at night — enough that it was leaking out. My cloth diapers “just don’t leak”, so that had to be a LOT of pee!

Over the weekend, we traveled to Greenville and were staying with some friends. These friends were very gracious, but they don’t have children and so … you know how it is. In your head, every little thing your child does you think, “Oh my gosh! They’re going to be so annoyed!” So when your child, standing on their couch — having just been changed into a clean diaper — pees out ALL OVER THEIR NEW COUCH … :sigh:. Let’s just say it was a good thing it was nearing time for departure. I was mortified! And ready to sell the stash!

I put the trip’s last clean diaper on her and we were packing up the car to leave about an hour later. When I picked her up to get her ready for her carseat, she had wet out again. What in the world?!

We went to Target to pick up a pack of diapers and some clean pajamas. I picked up a pack of Luvs  — I had a really hard time buying them because their commercials bother me SO MUCH!! But they were $7 and the rest were more than that. Yes, I know. I’m a real woman of my principles. I’d have gladly paid $11 for a pack of Seventh Generation, but … they weren’t there. Why is that?)

So no catastrophe on the way home, but it was quite clear to me that all was not well on the CD front. When we got home that night, I dumped all her dirty diapers in the wash for cleaning. The next morning, I added in all the “clean” diapers in her stash with some Dawn dish detergent and sent them for a super hot spin. Before I left for work, I turned the machine’s hot wash cycle on again with no additional soap to fully-agitate the diapers and get them rinsed well. When I got home, I rinsed another couple of times and put the inserts in the dryer and the diapers on the drying rack.

On Tuesday night, I took the above picture. Clearly, they were still not fully stripped. So I put everything BACK in the wash again. More Dawn, another hot wash, two or three hot wash cycles to get them rinsed. And then yesterday, two more hot washes — just for good measure.

I knew I wanted my diapers to dry in the sun today, so I left them in the wash and put the inserts in the dryer last night. I tested the inserts this morning and they absorbed like they were brand new. No beading at all! So I’m hopeful that once I pull my diapers off the drying rack at lunch today, they’ll be as good as new.

All that said, I am resolved to use my liners while using diaper cream. And I will also post a “how to wash my diapers” chart above the washing machine for the willing folk who help me with that task on the rarest occasion. I don’t wanna have to deal with this again for a WHILE!!

A New Place to Play


Tonight, she figured out how to empty her toy basket and use it as a toddler sized seat. She spent about 30 minutes hopping in and out of this basket, grabbing different toys and books to put in the basket with her. Not particularly for her to play with. Mostly just to sit on.

I know all toddlers do stuff like this, but pardon me for thinking she’s the cutest one there ever was! 🙂

The Kissing Bandit

Yes, I’m slacking off in the blogging department lately. Remember, we’re trying to move? Well in between getting ready to paint, then getting sick and not actually painting, and getting ready to paint again … and getting sick again …

Well, life has been interesting. Also, we have a full-fledged toddler these days. And keeping up with her is exhausting and a total pleasure. Her newest thing is kissing. Kissing toys, kissing mommy and daddy, blowing kisses to everybody, kissing furniture, kissing knees when she can’t reach your face … the child loves to kiss.


So some day soon, life is going to calm down and there will be a good old fashioned Polk update. But probably not any time TOO soon.

I hate moving.

And I’ve not even really started.

All signs point to “Let’s never do this again.” 😀

Diaper Junction Giveaway

For those of you who have been wanting to try out Cloth Diapers but are skeptical to commit to a particular brand, THIS is the giveaway for you to enter! Diaper Junction (located in Virginia Beach, VA) is having a giveaway where the top prize winner receives $500 in the form of a Diaper Junction Gift Card. (Three other prizes are being distributed and they are all GREAT prizes!! A 12-pack of FuzziBunz OS diapers; a 6-pack of GroVia diapers; and a 6-pack of BumGenius diapers!)

I have made several purchase from Diaper Junction and highly recommend them! (My sister lives in Virginia Beach. One day I want to go and just sit in their warehouse!!)

So, I’ve entered the giveaway. (Along with TONS of other people!) And I’m dreaming about how I could spend that $500! First, I’d get Cassie some color for her collection. I’d get my sister some hybrid diaper stuff — it’s what she seems to like and they don’t have gDiapers for sale there, apparently. Then I’d get my sister-in-law some pink and purple diapers for her stash!! (Yay, I’m having a niece!) (Well, more accurately, Amy’s having my niece … ) And I’d get Sue a FuzziBunz and a BumGenius so she can get addicted too try them out. And I’d find a few piddly things that I could use. (An extra pail liner? Some detergent? A few more diapers? Hey, it’s all free at that point, so why not!?)

… It could happen, right!??!