Polk Baby #1


It won’t be long now at all before this little one loses her Only Child Status and becomes Big Sister.

Ivalee Grace. The baby girl who made me a mom. For whom I traded in weekends of late nights out and sleeping in … in favor of a love you can only understand when you experience it. The little girl who turned a pair of self-involved twenty-somethings into parents who are willing to sacrifice to provide her with a healthy and happy childhood. The kid who turned our house into a home filled with openly expressed love and frequent hugs and kisses.

Our Iva is growing up. She is a KID now. And she’s too excited about becoming a big sister. That transition won’t be without its own trials, I’m sure. But for right now, she’s excited. Boy or girl – and no matter what name we choose – she’s eager to snuggle and love a new Baby Polk.

One day when we were talking about the new baby, I confessed to Iva how I was feeling nervous about having two Polk kids — “What if the new baby doesn’t love me as much as you do?” She said, “Mom! All babies love their mommies! You just give the baby hugs and kisses!” Simple wisdom from my little lady.

This one who has taught us everything we know about parenting will continue to stretch us and love us into this next, new phase of our marriage and family. I’m excited and anxious to see what the next few weeks hold for her … for all of us.


One response to “Polk Baby #1

  1. So sweet!!! She will be an awesome big sister!

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