38 Weeks

So … I thought I remembered correctly that Ivalee was born at 38 weeks. But, I did not remember correctly. She was – in fact –  born at 37 weeks, 6 days. Which means that I am currently more pregnant than I’ve ever been. I’m growing ever-closer to the light of the end of the tunnel. (Also, in digging back in my bloggy-memory … check out those LEGS!! Thank you, Jesus, that I haven’t had that issue to deal with this time around.)

Another item of note: Ivalee’s due date was August 28. This baby is due on November 28. Ivalee was born on August 13. Tomorrow is November 13.

So a quick update:

  • The long-awaited Nesting Instinct finally paid a visit today. So frustrating that it waited until I am so big and unable to move, but I did a lot of laundry and dishes and cleaned my bathroom and did as much damage to the floors as I could. And my ankles, while swollen after a day of working on my feet, still don’t look NEARLY as bad as they did in August 2009. (See above link. Yowza!)
  • Oh my gosh, could this baby be pushing on my bladder in a more painful way? Dear me!! It feels like a needle is being poked in there sometimes. (TMI? Sorry!)
  • Ivalee told me today, “Mom, after the baby comes out, me and you are going to lay in your bed and snuggle. These days, it really hurts your tummy, huh?” Yes, Ivalee. It does. And yes!! We ARE!!

Saturday morning with my sweet family of three … and Doc McStuffins

  • I’ve also finished up two baby-related knitting projects recently. One pink and one blue hat to go with the coming-home outfit:

    photo 1
    and finally got the blocking done on this Owlie Sleep Sack so it’s ready to go too.

    photo 2

  • I spent some time over the weekend prepping the baby’s car seat and Kyle brought Ivalee’s inside too, so I could clean it out, adjust the straps, and have her in ship-shape too.  Ivalee tested out the baby’s seat and declared it “so comfy” and “just right for the baby”.
  • photo 4

We’re getting ready. Now to find a name for this little booger!!


One response to “38 Weeks

  1. I didn’t realize Iva came so “early”!! So not fair. 😉 Guess this baby wants to cook a big longer! Cannot wait to hear the news!!

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