Naming Baby

Naming this baby is proving to be difficult. That’s why I find myself hunkering down with a baby names book at 37 weeks, 5 days and trying to find some baby boy names we can consider.

(I think we have found a girl name we both like a lot. But we’re struggling to find a boy name we like as much.)

I found this one in a book tonight. The definition made me laugh a lot.


That’s all I got.


3 responses to “Naming Baby

  1. I feel duped. Got so majorly excited to read this post and find out what names you had settled on. What a let down.

    Err…..I mean, haha yeah that’s funny!! ;P

  2. Oops. Sorry, Jess. There’s nothing to share, really.

    Unless you have some boy names YOU’D like to share!

  3. We had a really hard time with the boy name too – likely because we had already takes SO much about girl names since we had two already. 🙂 When Logann was born and we found out it was another girl, Septtro told me shortly after he was glad because he didn’t like the boy name anymore. Haha! ooook well what if it had been a boy though mister?!?

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