37 Weeks

1 cm/0%/+2

I had my first (and only, until labor begins) cervical check on Tuesday. Above are the results of that exam. Not a lot of dilation and no effacement. But baby is already engaged and moving into position. This was the slowest part of the process with Ivalee. So I was still encouraged.

My protein levels were high and my blood pressure slightly elevated at this appointment. This led to a 24-hour rest order, some additional blood work, a 24-hour urine collection, and brought a little bit of a stressful end to my appointment. I was told to “just go into labor soon, please,” so that if this were going to become an issue, it wouldn’t get a chance to be problematic. But then I was instructed to stay off my feet. Mixed signals, much?

I did my best to obey orders and spent the rest of the day sitting with a glass of water nearby and a knitting project on my lap. My sister was very helpful and cooked dinner for us. Kyle cleaned the kitchen up after dinner. And I sat.

When I woke up the next morning, my hips were KILLING me. Too much sitting! So I made a stop by the chiropractor on my way to the birth center. That helped. And then, following my appointment for blood work, I was released to normal activity. So at least that part was short-lived.

Today we will get the results of the extra lab work. They are, of course, ruling out pre-eclampsia. Based on my blood pressure, lack of swelling and other symptoms, and good reflexes, the midwife I saw was encouraged that I’d get a good result and they were just doing their due diligence.

So other than all that, my 37th week has started off pretty low-key. Ha! We are having a picnic at the playground Baby Polk Celebration with some friends this weekend. We are very much looking forward to that!

And I really need to get serious about packing those bags for the birth center. The time is almost here!!


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