An Unexpected Surprise

The birth center was bustlin’ this morning! There was at least one mom delivering and, from the number of cars in the parking lot, I’d guess there was another in the other room as well. The chaos had somehow spilled over into the clinic side and I was put into the ultrasound room for my appointment rather than one of the standard appointment rooms.

I had to wait to be seen a short while longer than normal. (Meaning, I usually don’t wait at all and this time I waited for … maybe 10 minutes.) Because of the craziness of the morning, I wasn’t surprised when Leigh walked in instead of Lesley. And I wasn’t disappointed either. Leigh is my favorite of the midwives so far. She has such a gentle, conversational way of moving her appointments along. She (like all the others) is very thorough and allows me the opportunity to ask questions as needed, but she just has this sweetness and gentility that is so soothing to me. I’d love if she were on-call when I go into labor.

After our introductions and brief “How are things going?” talk, she motioned for me to hop up on the table. She took my blood pressure (great) and a few measurements (I’m measuring right at 34 weeks). She felt around to determine the baby’s position and I asked “Are we still head-down?” She reached over and clicked on the old ultrasound machine, saying, “I believe so, but let’s take a look!”

I got to see my baby! He/She is still head-down, so it was quite easy for her to find a face. I’ve never had an ultrasound this late in pregnancy before. We marveled at how well-developed his or her facial features are. Even on that old machine, it was easy to make out eyelashes – something Leigh says she’d never seen so clearly before! We got to see the profile and I could easily tell that this baby has my pointy nose, rather than Kyle and Ivalee’s soft, round nose. Then he/she turned towards us, opening and closing its eyes several times. And it made a lot of movements with its mouth. Leigh said, “That little mouth will be on the outside nursing before you know it, Mom!” Little One is already mimicking the motions of breathing – we watched its chest rise and fall a time or two. Then she moved around the baby’s head and said, “Look at all that hair!” Looks like we’ll be having another hairy baby. Which is just fine by me!

And, no. We didn’t move beyond the face/head to determine anything other than baby is head-down and completely beautiful. Oh, that face, y’all!! Can’t wait to see it again!!


One response to “An Unexpected Surprise

  1. Awwww….that is AWESOME!

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