34 Weeks

Advance Warning: This update, like my brain these days, is sorta here-there-and-everywhere.


22 Weeks ago, this photo was taken at our small group/Bible study meeting. Rachel had her sweet boy in August. And Liana delivered her beautiful baby girl over the weekend. So that means I’m next!! Eek!!

So … I’m exhausted. I need mandatory nap times every day. But Ivalee has recently decided that she doesn’t need naps anymore. (Yes, she took a nap pretty much every day for four years. I’m lucky.)


I got a chance to finish up the knitting on the baby’s sleep sack. It needs to be blocked, but it turned out super cute and I can’t wait to see it on Baby Polk. This is the in-progress photo from Saturday.


20131015-202421.jpg And we got the crib set up last week. I forgot how much I loved the bedding we chose when Ivalee was a baby. And with the addition of the crib and bedding, I’ve decided I’m happy not to paint the room. But I do – badly – need to get a Magic Eraser in there to remove some of Ivalee’s artwork from a part of the wall.

20131015-215510.jpgAnd this weekend, we got to spend some time with our buddies the Sartins. They were visiting from Kentucky and we spent all weekend prompting and everything-short-of-begging them to move here. And then I spent part of their trip back finding local properties to text to her so they can just buy a house already. (Sorry Cassie and Alex’s family. I hope we ‘win’.)

Ok, as far as pregnancy update: I’m still sleepy. My house is a little more clean (thank you, Cassie and Alex for your visit) but I still won’t call it nesting and I still hope that happens soon. I have an appointment with Lesley – owner of CBP – in the morning, I’m starting to get nervous about the delivery … but every time I start to think about it, I think about that moment we get to have after all the hard work when we find out the gender. So excited for that!! And reading all I can to be as prepared as I can be for all the rest.


One response to “34 Weeks

  1. I cant wait for you to have that moment at the end of all your hard work when you find out the gender!! And I’m so curious!!! Neat you got to see baby so late in pregnancy. I almost had one with Lo but for reasons I wasnt comfortable with and thankfully they didnt push it. But it really would have been fun to see her so developed!! Youre so close!!! Eeeek!!!

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