33 Weeks


Our Family on a quick trip to Greenville over the weekend

As of today, I’m 33 weeks. Around seven weeks to go until we meet our newest Polk Baby.

Naming Baby. We’ve been making a more concerted effort in the past few days to try to settle on names we both like. Naturally, this is something we’ve discussed off and on throughout the past several months. And sometimes we’ve even landed on names that we like. But then inevitably one of us will decide we’re only “meh” about it a few days or weeks later.

So last night we flipped through two baby name books and dug through our memory-banks of family names to consider and came up with a list. We decided on a girl’s name that (for now) we both really like. And we’re still deciding on a boy’s name, but we’re getting closer.

Ivalee has made a few suggestions along the way. Peter (because of Peter Pan), Sophia (Sofia the First), and Honey (the baby from Bearenstain Bears). And then – most recently – she decided she really likes “Baby Polk”. Just “Baby Polk” – no middle name.

Appointment Update. Last week’s appointment went well. Kyle’s mom got to accompany me and hear the heartbeat and meet a few of the midwives. She has never questioned our decision to deliver at the birth center and has been very supportive, but I still wanted to give her the opportunity to see the place. The birth center is divided into two sections — one side for your prenatal and postnatal appointments, and the other side for deliveries. Typically, they’re very excited about having family members to tour the facility and view the delivery side, but on Tuesday, two moms were delivering and there were no rooms available to tour. So she’ll just have to see that side in a few weeks after baby joins us. 🙂

My next appointment is next Wednesday. It’s with Lesley this time. Excited to have my first appointment with her. (She’s the owner of CBP and delivered my nephew and niece!)

Sleepytime. I’ve been dealing with some sleep issues the past few weeks. Leg cramps were the worst culprit. I’ve been eating bananas like it’s going out of style and it has helped. Instead of multiple severe legs cramps EVERY NIGHT, they’ve been reduced to maybe one a night … and they’re a little more manageable than they had been. And after I added an extra blanket to Kyle’s side of the bed last week, HE’S been resting better. So we’re much better to be around this week than last!

And Other Fun Stuff. The hormones, they’ve been a-raging lately. On Saturday, I may have had a melt-down because of something Kyle said about a shirt that I was wearing that day. The weird part? The comment wasn’t really all that negative (“You wear that color a lot.”) … and it was made around three months ago.

Seriously. I do not enjoy being so unreasonable, but when it’s ‘on’ these days, I cannot turn it off. Fortunately, I have a husband with quite a looooong fuse and a lot of understanding. He’s great at “handling” me, most of the time.


One response to “33 Weeks

  1. yay!!! almost baby time!! sorry about not sleeping well. 😦 my doula suggested magnesium oil for cramps although this last one was my first time not experiencing that. I have heard its not as effective taken orally but idk for sure 🙂 the birth center sounds great!!! excited to hear all about it!

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