32 Weeks

Week and day: 32 weeks

Energy level: I sleepy.

Baby’s Movement: Big and frequent. And getting strong enough to interrupt my sleep.

Size of baby: Big.

Next appointment: Wednesday, October 16. This one will be with Lesley – my first appointment with her.

Other: Fall has finally arrived in Charleston bringing some delightfully cooler temperatures. Therefore our house is cool at night – but not cool enough for me. Kyle and I are having a hard time coming to an agreement on the correct temperature for the thermostat at this juncture. I cannot get cool enough and he can’t keep warm enough. So I’m throwing an extra blanket on his side of the bed when I change the sheets today. Hopefully that’ll help him rest better.

Between the temperature never being cool enough, severe nightly leg cramps, insanely crazy dreams, frequent trips to the bathroom, and the discomfort of not being able to move easily when it’s time to roll over, nights are already getting long. I thought I would have a few more weeks before that really became a concern.

On a great note, Kyle and I had a whole date weekend this past weekend. Ivalee spent the weekend with her DeeDee. He bought concert tickets for Friday night and took me to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Then on Saturday, we slept in (!!) and then had brunch and spent the day shopping/browsing/hand-holding/talking at the Tanger Outlets. It was so nice to have that time together.


One response to “32 Weeks

  1. So cool you had a date weekend! Must be nice. 🙂 Really interested to hear what your favorite Chinese restaurant is…I’ve been looking for a decent one in the area for quite some time and just decided to give up the hunt!

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