31 Weeks

Week and day: 31 weeks

Energy level:  :wistful glance back to second trimester: I remember energy. VERY excited to be getting closer and closer to meeting this new little one, so the depletion of my energy is all worth it.

Baby’s Movement: I think I’m supposed to be completing a Fetal Kick Count worksheet for the midwives before my next appointment. I keep forgetting about it, but I’ve never had even a moment of concern over lack of movement. This baby likes for his momma to know things are going juuuust fine in there. He doesn’t like me to lean over on him and cramp his space. He likes it best when I lay down at night – I guess it gives him the extra space he needs to be a little more comfortable. (Yes I know I just used a lot of male pronouns. No, we still don’t know gender. And, no, I don’t have a feeling that it’s a boy. It’s just easier to pick a gender and go with it than it is to keep using both when I’m writing/speaking.)

My least favorite ‘movements’ are the ones I can feel in my  hips. It feels like little fingers are in there tap-tap-tapping, like “Hey! I’m in here! Let me out!”

Kyle has DEFINITELY felt the baby moving around now. On the way home from church on Sunday night, I had a ‘captive audience’ while he was driving. I placed his hand on my tummy and said, “Sit there for a while. You’ll feel it. You just have to be patient.” And he felt it. A lot. And it kinda freaked him out a little bit. He often says, “I will never know what that feels like … to experience that from the inside.” And on Sunday night, he added, “And I think I’m ok with that.”

Size of baby: “This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3 1/3 pounds (about the size of a coconut).”

Next appointment: One week from today – October 1. (October is next week!! IT’S FALL, Y’ALL!!)


Other: We visited Kyle’s mom this past weekend. And she knew of a Carter’s sale going on at a local department store. As you might expect, this expectant mother and the excited grandmother were drawn to its gravitational pull. Non-gender specific clothes are hard to find … but we did our best and came away with these cute new items. I have a weakness for babies in stripes. And those monkeys were just too cute to pass-up.

And my sister-in-law did some consignment shopping last week and found a swing for us for HALF of what we wanted to spend on one! (Hire good shoppers, y’all. It’s worth it.) Ivalee’s been testing it out with Baby Camden (her CPK baby) and proudly showing her daddy that she knows how to use it. She’s READY to teach the baby about swinging. And walking. And hopping. And talking.

So we’re making good progress in the area of baby-preparedness around here. I think Kyle’s planning to put the crib up soon. And I really need for the nesting urge to hit me. I’m eagerly waiting for that to happen.


2 responses to “31 Weeks

  1. Love reading your updates. 🙂 Funny that Kyle said he’s ok with not feeling what it’s like to have a baby kick on the inside. That’s my one and only favorite part of pregnancy. 🙂 I never did the Fetal Kick Count thing with mine although Ri did scare me quite a few times – that laid back girl. My other two were like yours….never had me worried as they were always on the go. It’s funny too because Kaylee is like that on the “outside” (and Ri is just as laid back now as she was in the womb)…so I’m thinking Logann may be just as busy as Kaylee.

    Excited to meet this little one (via pictures anyway). 🙂

  2. Dang, you are all set on cloth diapers and I LOVE the updates and creativity you’ve added to your home! Can’t wait to see some more pics of that growing belly:-)

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