30 weeks … EEP!!!

Week and day: 30 weeks

Food issues: Food! Food! Give me all the food!!

Energy level:  Energy!! Come Back!!

Baby’s Movement: Knockin’ and kickin’. And backin’ his/her butt up in there and puuuuuuushin’ against my abdomen. Owie. Also, the midwife confirmed at my appointment last week that the baby was already head-down. Not to say things can’t change between now and November, but … that was encouraging!! 🙂

Mood: I’ve been sleeping soooo deeply these days. Trying to sleep-bank some extra hours before the inevitable DISCOMFORT that will come in the weeks ahead. (Sleep-banking. What a laughable concept.)

Size of baby: Approx. 3 pounds and measures approx. 15.7 inches (about the size of a large cabbage) …. by the way, I don’t have a lot of confidence in these measurements or comparisons … but it is kinda interesting, don’t you think?

Also, when I was shopping with my mom today, tho ladies who were behind the counter at Babies R Us asked when I was due. I told them Thanksgiving. And one lady said, “Thanksgiving!? You have two months to go and you look like you could go any minute!!”


… and also, oh no I don’t. I digress.

Next appointment: Tuesday, October 1 – my mother-in-law will be joining me for this appointment. I’m excited to get to show her the birth center and for her to meet one of the midwives.

Other: I bought the coming-home outfit today. And it is SOOOO CUTE!!!!


Can you even believe how cute that is?! Can’t wait to see a little Polk baby all snuggled up into those cables!! And we’ll just have to get a pair of blue and pink socks or a hat to use with it! 🙂

I also confirmed last week that the motor in my pump is totally shot. I started to put my feelers out for a gently used one, but hesitated to go to Craigslist because … that’s weird to me. But, after shopping online and not finding a price under $250 for the model I previously had, I decided to take a peek at Craigslist just to see what I could see. And I found one in my town that posted within the hour of my search. It was new to the seller, but she was unable to nurse and only tried to use it twice. It included LOTS of unused (NIP) storage accessories, and only cost $100 (what she paid out of pocket after her insurance paid for the system). I’ll still put a little bit of money into it, to replace the tubes and other parts that need to be new. But … can you believe my “luck”?

(And by luck, I mean “Thank you, Jesus!”)

Ok, that’s enough for now. Time to go spend some time with Princess Mermaid Ariel and get dinner going!


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