29 Weeks

Week and day: 29 weeks

Food issues: I am more hungry these days than I have been the past few weeks. I wouldn’t say “ravenous”, but I do have a tendency to become “hangry” if my family dilly-dallies before joining me for dinner. More often than not these days, they get one notice – “Dinner’s ready!” – before I fix my plate and start eating. Ivalee has told me a few times, “Mom! You’re not supposed to eat without us!” Sorry kiddo. Momma’s gotta eat.

Energy level: Nest, nest, nest. I have spent some time today starting in on all the diapers that my sister and Cassie loaned to me. I washed them all up, and they’re currently spinning in the dryer or laying out to dry. I’ve spent some time sizing down the covers for my one-size diapers and now I have to go through my inserts to see how many small inserts I need to order so I’m ready for small-baby diapers. 

And there was the small ‘diversion’ of having to clean off all the handrails on our front porch so I had a clean place to lay the clean diapers so they could soak up some sun. (My drying rack broke a long time ago. Must replace soon. Or better yet … finally install that clothesline in the backyard. Hmm … ) So when I finished wiping down the porch rails, I finally took care of all those spider webs in the corners on the porch. Been grossing me out for weeks. Then I realized, “Man, our house really needs to be pressure-washed.” I do not own a pressure-washer. So … I’m safe from that diversion for the time being. But … isn’t that how it always goes with cleaning? One thing leads to another and then you stand in the kitchen scratching your head going, “Now … what was I working on?” 

Baby’s Movement: This child is moving enough now that I can see it easily when it’s happening. But (s)he still settles down when Kyle is trying to feel. Poor Daddy. He’ll get a turn one day soon, I suppose.

Dreams: I dreamt the baby is a boy. And I dreamt that we didn’t tell anyone the gender until they came over to meet him and changed a diaper. That totally sounds like a mean-Rita idea. But don’t worry. Kyle would never let me get away with it. 😉

Mood: Still feeling pretty energetic. Hopeful about getting this tiny house in order before November. Making strides in that direction. Still trying to convince myself NOT to want to paint. But I’m losing the battle with myself. (I want to paint. I may have even written it into our budget for October.) Here’s hoping this energy decides to stick around for a few more weeks. 

Size of baby: Approx. 2.5 pounds and measures a little over 15 inches (about the size of a butternut squash)

Next appointment: Thursday. 

Other: (Warning: This is random and totally un-baby-related.) Did you see that they announced the new iPhones this morning? Did you know that my iPhone 4s is a big piece of broken, cracked-screen (again!) junk that won’t charge without being turned all the way off, and that loses it’s battery power in about three hours? I don’t care what the specs are and what the tech world is saying about how disappointing they are (apple-haters). I cannot wait until I’m able to upgrade. November can’t come soon enough … in that regard. 🙂 


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