I Passed!!

After my test on Tuesday, I fully anticipated I’d receive a phone call on Wednesday morning, giving me the inevitable bad news: that I’d failed the test again. That I would spend the next few months fastidiously measuring food, grudgingly pricking my finger, religiously charting my meals, snacks, and blood sugar levels. Ugh, what a hassle that was when I was pregnant with Ivalee!! (All worth it, of course. But I was NOT AT ALL eager to repeat that!!)

I was told that the situation is a “no news is good news” situation … that I wouldn’t hear anything if I passed. (I told Shannon, the nurse that I’d call anyway. I’d want to know my numbers, pass or fail. She understood and said, “Call after lunch.”) So I waited … and waited … and I never got the phone call I was anticipating. And around 3:30, I had had all the waiting I could handle. I was starting to feel my hopes rise and … I’m too realistic of a person to let that happen needlessly. So I called and left a voicemail for Shannon, who was in with a patient. She called back within 30 minutes and told me the words that I have NEVER heard in regards to the GTT:


She explained that the number they’re most concerned with is my fasting sugar level, which needs to be under 90. Mine was 73. Then after the first hour, I needed to be under 180 and I was at 163. After the second hour, I needed to be under 150 and was at 135. And then my final draw, I needed to be under 120 and was at 108. So I was WELL under on all the draws!!

Ivalee, my mom, and I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday afternoon and I may have done did an outright jig in the frozen meals aisle when I realized that I could just throw the bag of Mandarin Orange Chicken into the cart without having to totally scrutinize the label and talk myself out of it. (It’s a family favorite! But the sauce is quite sweet.) Ivalee giggled at my silly dance and stood up in the cart and said, “Mommy! Can I do that too!?” So we danced. And people around us probably looked at us like I was on something, because I sincerely CANNOT dance, and I was fully committed to this jig. I was just sooo, sooo happy!

And today I ate a few pieces of pineapple without considering its affect on a later blood-draw. I learned when going through this last time that pineapple (and some other fruits) have LOTS of natural sugar and, for diabetics, should be consumed in small quantities. But I … I am NOT a diabetic!! Muahahaha. EAT! ALL! THE! PINEAPPLE!!!!

Ok. the tl;dr version of this is: I am happy to report that I do not have gestational diabetes. Exceedingly, ridiculously, dancing-in-the-grocery-store happy. The end.


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