28 Weeks … Am I in the 3rd Trimester This Week?

Week and day: 28 weeks

Food issues: Since I may or may not have Gestational Diabetes … and since eating fewer carbs and less sugar is never a bad thing for a pregnant woman to do whether the diagnosis has been made or not … I went on a big grocery shopping trip over the weekend. Bought all my whole wheat flours, pastas, tortillas, etc. Stocked up on some good produce, so as to be much more intentional about eating at home and having good foods on-hand for meals every day. I like a good challenge.

And Ivalee and I made sugar-free oatmeal muffins for breakfast. They smelled so good coming out of the oven last night!! The recipe we made gave us 35 muffins, so I froze two dozen of them. Good breakfasts-on-the-go for work mornings!

Energy level: The cough is dissipating – or at least not keeping me up at night like it was. So we’re on the mend from that short-lived “episode”. So glad, because everyone else seems to be dealing with this thing for like 3+ weeks or more.

Baby’s Movement: Dear Baby, Your daddy really wants to feel you move. This is one of the few times in your life I will give you permission … and even encourage you to kick him. Kyle has felt small nudges here and there … but he’s eager for the bigger, more distinct movements he remembers from my pregnancy with Ivalee. In due course, I suppose. But I do like it when he gets excited. (Also I maintain my theory from my pregnancy with Ivalee that his big warm hands settle them right down and they seem to relax under his touch.)

Mood: Nervous about the results of my GD tests. Though I did ask this morning and I have been assured that as long as my numbers are controlled by diet/exercise and I don’t need insulin, I’m still able to deliver at the birth center with no problems. So that’s a relief.

Size of baby: Approx. 2.25 pounds and measures around 14.8 inches (about the size of a large eggplant)

Next appointment: Next Thursday. I’m on the two-week-appointment plan now!

Other: I’m at the Birth Center typing this post while I’m waiting on my final blood draw for my 3-Hour Glucose Test. And I’m not as hungry as I was afraid I’d be at this point … because I had a little light-headedness and nausea as a result of the disgusting orange drink they make you drink for this God-forsaken test. So they moved me into the unoccupied birthing room, where I’m relaxing with my feet propped up … reading, answering work phones (forwarded to the work cell), knitting a bit and just … killing time. Trying not to relax too much because I have this theory that my active self will process the sugar more quickly … may not be based in science, but it seems like a good theory to me. So I’m getting up and moving around every few minutes to encourage LOW SUGAR … LOW SUGAR, body!! (And there’s a first time mom delivering in the birthing room next to me. So I’ve been marveling at how quietly she’s laboring and praying for her too.)


Also, today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary. To say that this year has been the easiest of our marriage would not only be misleading – it would be an outright lie. This year has been challenging! It has had some really high highs! We were able to take a trip to DisneyWorld in January – our first vacation since our honeymoon! And we found out in March that we have a new Polk baby on the way!

And the lows have not been lowest-of-lows (thank you, Jesus) and nothing life-altering or mind-blowing. But they have been numerous and almost comedic in their timing, but not really funny at all. Maybe one day we’ll look back and laugh … but it hasn’t happened yet.

But something has happened when I reflect on crazy 2013 … and that is I’m so filled with gratitude that Kyle and I are sharing all these moments together. There is literally no one else on this earth with whom I want to share my life. He is my match. And I am so grateful to God for our years together. He is not a perfect man, and I am certainly not a perfect woman. And ours is not a perfect marriage … but it is ours. And I cherish it so.


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