27 Weeks

Week and day: 27 weeks, 4 days

Food issues: Am I running out of room in there already? I’ll be starving when I sit down to eat and ten bites in, I feel like I can’t force another bite down. Ok maybe I’m slightly exaggerating, but I do feel like I full up fast … and eat often.

Energy level: I’m fighting some kind of weird cold-ish, cough-y thing this week that is interrupting my sleep patterns. Not sure what’s up with this, but I am eager for it to pass quickly.

Baby’s Movement: Strong and frequent. Starting to feel some pressure and even movement in/near my hips that I don’t remember experiencing with Ivalee.

Mood: I would love to have some good sleep. 🙂

Size of baby: Approx. 2 pounds and measures around 14.5 inches.

Next appointment: Tuesday.

Other: Tuesday you ask? Yes, Tuesday. Because on Thursday, I failed my one-hour glucose test. So I get to do the three-hour one. Yay. And sigh. I know all about the questionable reliability of the test … and blahblahblah … Mostly, I just really wanted to pass it so I wouldn’t have to worry about this this time around. But after an hour, my sugar level was at 163 – they wanted it to be below 135. (They told me numbers this time! Love my new practice!) Anyway. Trying not to get discouraged.

So onto happier topics. Like cloth diapers … of which I have newly purchased four!

(Everyone, meet Jess. And now everyone who wants to buy cloth diapers, amber jewelry, natural detergents, diaper creams, baby carriers, etc. etc. etc., go to www.greenjellybean.com and shop shop shop!)

I have had my eye on a teal-colored diaper since Fuzzibunz first released theirs. Since then, I believe BumGenius has also released one, as well as Rumparooz. They currently have a sale going on for their Velcro diapers, so I ordered two Velcro diapers … and threw a pretty teal-colored snap into the basket for good measure. I got Iva’s first RAR diaper pretty late in her diaper game and I really liked it … but she outgrew it pretty quickly. Excited to get some use out of these earlier than most one-size diapers … and for longer! (And I got gray and brown in the Velcro. Playing it gender-neutral and totally safe, color-wise there … except for the teal. Is that gender-neutral? Meh. It’ll be alright.)

And good buddy Cassie and my sister both loaned me their supply of newborn-sized diapers. So I think I’m covered in the cloth diaper department. Woot!


2 responses to “27 Weeks

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for the shout out and of course the plug for my store! 🙂 So sad to hear about the glucose test. I’ll be praying for Tuesday! ❤

  2. Sorry about your glucose test!! 😦 I think some women’s bodies don’t respond well to that. I ended up doing A1C test this time instead. I wanted to do nothing but, well, we won’t get into that. Anyway, the A1C is an average over three months so I felt it was more accurate out of the two tests. And no yucky sugar drink or starving yourself required!

    I’m scared of doing cloth again. I know I need to give myself some time but the thought of even more laundry makes me cringe at this point. I do want to though – esp with a exclusively bf baby because it’s much easier I think. 🙂

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