My Squirrel is turning four today.

Full of spunk and personality and burgeoning independence.

Full of snuggles and stories.

Full of jokes that don’t quite make sense yet.
(Ex: “How does the bird talk?” (I dunno.) “With his feathery mouth! Hahahahahaha!”)

Full of determination bordering on stubbornness. We’ll work on that.

Full of laughs and giggles.

Full of so much love for your Daddy that it’s ridiculous.
… and you like me too, most of the time. 🙂

Full of desire to be heard. Full of frustration when we “just won’t listen”.

Full of drama. And sometimes not.

Full of hope and excitement for being a Big Sister.

She is developing into a young person right before my eyes. She is my ideal kid – a good blend of Kyle and me. Enough of my Type A personality to keep stuff together and be a big help … and enough of his laid-back personality and spontaneity to keep us from driving each other crazy.

And plus she’s so beautiful I can hardly stand it.

Happy birthday to the Squirrel! We love you to the moon!


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