25 Weeks


Whoops. Skipped a week again. My bad.

Week and day: 25 weeks

Food issues: None really. The heartburn has tamed itself for the time being.

Energy level: Aye, aye! We had quite the weekend. It was IKEA weekend for Kyle and me. We spent the day on Saturday in Charlotte. We bought Ivalee’s birthday present — her Big Girl Bed. And we also got two new chairs and a new sofa for our living room as well as a new crib. We drove home and our friends Hannah and Taylor came by to help us unload the truck and we got started assembling stuff right away. We stayed up until almost 2AM putting stuff together before we called it a night. We slept in, ate a late breakfast and then got going again. We got Iva’s bed put together before she came home. (She spent the weekend celebrating her birthday in Myrtle Beach with her Dee-Dee – Kyle’s mom.)

We posted a Craigslist curb alert on our two old sofas and they were both picked up. (SWEET!)

So we got everything (except for the crib) assembled and the rooms are MOSTLY pieced back together. We still have some throwing away/donating and general cleaning to do to get the rooms where they need to be – and I still have a twin bed I need to get rid of. But we’ll get there. The Nesting instinct will set in soon enough and … clutter beware!! (I’m actually kind of anxious for that to happen! It was quite a productive time in my first pregnancy.)

So all that to say … my energy level has been “ok” but we are both WORN OUT from all the work we did this weekend!!

Baby’s Movement: Kyle felt the baby move for the first time during Week 24. It was a pretty slight movement and he was able to feel it. I’ve been looking forward to that! So far, he’s the only one who’s felt the baby move. Ivalee really wants to feel it too, but she doesn’t quite have the patience for it. It will happen soon.

Dreams: Last night, I dreamed I was “hired” for a position at a local tire store. And when I showed up for my first day of work, I was in a classroom and everyone was already working so hard, but I had missed the training. However, I was supposed to just jump in and figure it out. It was very strange.

Mood: Hello, Hormones!! Not going to pretend that your presence is bringing peace to my home. Control yourself.

Size of baby: 13″ long and around 1.5-lb. — the size of an average rutabaga.

Next appointment: August 29.

Other: This weekend at IKEA and this weekend assembling all of the IKEA purchases was truly a million times better than I anticipated. (I blame this episode of 30 Rock for my exceedingly low expectations. Despite stereotypes, both of my IKEA experiences have been very positive!) Kyle was so helpful! And we had a lot of fun picking out colors and thinking/rethinking our choices. And we ended up choosing some great pieces. And the assembly was, for the most part, relatively easy. (Ok, Iva’s bed was a beast and took 3 hours to assemble. But … it’s done now.)

Ivalee’s 4th birthday is tomorrow. Kyle and I are both taking the afternoon off and we’re taking her to a water park to celebrate. There was a 105* heat index today. Here’s hoping we don’t really hate life tomorrow afternoon! 🙂


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