23 Weeks

Week and day: 23 weeks, 2 days

Food issues: Heartburn. When Ivalee was born and had a head FULL of hair, the comments about how I must’ve had a lot of heartburn during my pregnancy started immediately. A nurse in the room said it before she was even in my arms. The thing is, I didn’t. No heartburn to speak of with that pregnancy. But – as they say – every pregnancy is different. And this time, I’m having to avoid sodas, lemonade, and spicy foods to avoid heartburn. Soda is easy to avoid. We never have it at home. But lemonade – and particularly really tart lemonade like Simply Lemonade or the stuff at chickfila – is on my frequent list. Not anymore.

Energy level: Whoo! It has been a week! My energy level has taken a beating, but more as a result of the busy-ness of the week than my stage in pregnancy.

I lead the Creative Team at our church. And we’re working on a staging install this week. We worked on that Monday a Wednesday evenings. Monday and Tuesday, I got home so late my family was sleeping when I got home.

Kyle and I have declared next week to be a week of rest – where we stay at home in the evenings as much as possible and just chill. I’m really looking forward to that.

Baby’s Movement: This kid seems to have a pattern of being really active right after meals, first thing in the morning, and just before bedtime. Kyle still hasn’t been able to feel him/her move yet, but it’ll happen soon. As soon as we’re able to sit down at the same time.

Weight gain: +16 lbs. and I’m sure my diet this week has done nothing to help.

Dreams: Two nights ago, I dreamed that there was a sequel to “When a Man Loves a Woman” and I was starring in it, opposite Andy Garcia. Meg Ryan was there too, but I was The Other Woman. So that doesn’t bode well for how their relationship turned out after the cameras stopped rolling. Also, I haven’t seen or thought about that movie in years. No idea why I was dreaming about it.

Last night, I dreamed my aunt called to convince me that my brother and sister-in-law were in Bulgaria to get divorced rather than to finalize the adoption of their daughter. Glad to wake up and see that that’s clearly not the case.

Dreams are weird. (Also, I dreamed Amy and Craig were getting married surreptitiously last time I was pregnant. Weird.)

Mood: Tired.

Size of baby: 11″ long and just over 1-lb.

Next appointment: August 29.


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