22 Weeks

Week and day: 22 weeks, 1 day

Belly Button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: Still wearing two rings.

Food cravings: No real cravings, but Kyle has been good to my Mexican-food-loving self and took me out to eat Mexican twice in the last week. It was delicious both times! πŸ™‚

Energy level: Sleep = Energy. And the inverse is also true. Earlier bedtimes make for more energetic Rita. But that doesn’t always happen.

Baby’s Movement: We’ve moved past the fluttering and into jolts and kicks. And every now and then, I can see them. Kyle hasn’t felt it yet, but … soon! Things are moving beyond subtlety and becoming much more distinct and pronounced.

Weight gain: I gained 10 lbs. between 18-22 weeks. So what’s that? +16? That was a big jump, but my midwife assured me it’s fully normal for where I am in my progression and that things should even out in the coming weeks. (PS – Stop eating Mexican food.)

Mood: I was really upset all day on Monday by a dream I had on Sunday night. The Return of the Pregnancy Dreams! Gosh, they’re vivid and everything feels so real …

… even though they’re really quite ridiculous. For some reason, this one stuck with me all day. I felt SO SAD … and so RELIEVED that it wasn’t true! And so … silly?! I dunno. Pregnancy dreams are weird. And when I posted the above message on instagram and facebook, I was assured by other wives that I’m not the only one to have had these dreams and woken up ‘affected’ by them.

Size of baby: The length of a spaghetti squash.

Next appointment: August 29. It’s the glucola test. Boo. And then the appointments start coming every two weeks! Eep!

Other: Kyle started his new job on Monday. And he travels for training on Monday of next week. So this week … has been a little confusing for him. His workspace is still being built and his training hasn’t really started, so he’s kinda floating around observing and being trained in general administrative stuff this week. He’ll find his rhythm soon, but for right now, he’s enjoying coming home from work and not being totally beat-down. It’s a much more relaxed environment than the one he’s been in for the past few years.

Also he just started reading a birth book. Right now he’s laying in the bed next to me reading a chapter from “Fathers at Birth” called ‘Your Presence Makes a Difference’. Cute boy.

Kyle’s new job has provided the jolt of energy that I needed to get serious about developing a “new normal” for our home. It’s been far too long since I have been concerned about its cleanliness to a degree beyond “do we have clean plates to eat off of and clean clothes to wear and … well at least I’m not tripping over anything that will hurt me, right?” Still working on developing our new routine, but I’m excited about how the house looks a ton better already. (It’s not nesting yet. It’s just basic house-keeping.)

We’re upgrading Ivalee’s bed/room for her birthday. When the new baby is old enough to be in his/her crib, (s)he and Ivalee will be sharing a room. So we did some digging around and found some IKEA inspiration for maximizing small spaces and adding storage to that little room.


We’re purchasing this loft-style bed and the stairs/shelves that are pictured with it. And underneath, we’ll use for her stuffed animal and/or book storage and create a loft space similar to this:


And, of course, we need a crib. (We got rid of Ivalee’s because it was too big for a shared room.) And we have our eyes on another few items from the ol’ IKEA to help update our home a bit and reorganize some rooms.

Pray for Kyle and me on August 10. I can totally see me being the wife who gets unjustifiably angry in IKEA and before you know it, our marriage has been annulled and Kyle’s sleeping in a U-Haul trailer in Charlotte because I left in a fury.

I think that’s enough for this update.


3 responses to “22 Weeks

  1. I was wondering if you would do the glucola this time since you’re with a different practice (who is likely open to alternatives) and the fact that you said you weren’t sure if the last diagnosis was very accurate. πŸ™‚

    Love the loft idea with the stairs. We may steal that. πŸ™‚

    • Before Kyle found his new job, I asked if they would allow me to forego the traditional glucose testing and instead keep a food-diary and blood-draw chart on my own for a period of time. I still have my glucometer and supplies.

      They entertained it before they ultimately told me that the test only costs $17 and will likely be covered 100% by my insurance. So … we’re doing it.

      HOWEVER, at this practice, I test my own urine for protein and sugar levels at every appointment. And there’s never been ANY indication of elevated sugar levels. And I know that my midwives’ first priority isn’t to manipulate me into any unnecessary or ‘convenient’ interventions. That’s not their MO. So I’m ok with it.

      • Oh ok. Gotcha. Well I did that, monitoring myself for a week – I thought in lieu of taking the screening. But then that wasn’t good enough. And then there was a lot of miscommunication. And lack of communication. And a bit of bullying. I ended up taking the A1C and passing so they left me alone – well, sort of. One of them still likes to talk about my weight gain and diet and even asked me if I thought this baby was smaller. Yeah…not cool. But I just think it’s terrible to diagnose someone based on a one time blood test – especially when levels are constantly changing in a pregnant women to meet the baby’s needs. I wish they could come up with a better way to screen/test/diagnose that wasn’t the same (or more strict) as nonpregnant people. I think if I were “allowed” to go to a different practice – like a licensed midwife at a birthing center who I didn’t feel was out label me and put me in a box – I would be more willing to do the glucola. But I just was not ok with being misdiagnosed again based on a one-time test. Anyway, maybe one day I’ll blog more about all that. πŸ™‚

        Hopefully you will pass the screening and can move forward with all the fun stuff. πŸ™‚

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