21 Weeks


Week and day: 21 weeks even

Belly Button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: Still wearing two rings.

Food cravings: Chocolate. And I’m not usually a chocolate person. And I don’t want chocolate on everything, but the past few weeks, I have been really wanting some gooey chocolate chip cookies or brownies. A lot of them. And often. I’ve been good though and restrained and only indulged … three times. 🙂

Food aversions: None

Nausea: Zilch

Energy level: I have energy … when I sleep well. Sleep has been interrupted recently due to the frequency of my late night bathroom trips, cramps in my legs every time I stretch, and difficulty getting a comfortable sleep position … already. (I’m usually a tummy sleeper. We are well beyond that these days.)

Weight gain: I don’t own a scale. So I wait for my doctor’s appointments for updates to these numbers. But based on the fact that The Belly decided to become larger and more in charge in the last few days. I’m feeling bigger. We’ll see next week if it reflects on the scale.

Mood: One night last week, after a particularly long day at work, I stood over the sink, poised to open a pack of defrosted chicken pieces and begin dinner preparations. Out of nowhere – seriously, even I was surprised by them – the tears started flowing and I told Kyle, “I just don’t wanna cook dinner tonight!” So we put the chicken in the fridge and went out. And I ordered a small sandwich and an ice cream.

I’ve been losing my patience quite a bit more easily lately. Ivalee has been really testy and I have been having a hard time finding the patience to “deal with her”, especially at bedtime. Having to repeat instructions over and over again is one of my pet peeves. And I have a three-going-on-thirteen-year-old future lawyer who thinks she can bargain her way out of anything. And so we’re going through the tough process of her helping her realize that’s not the case.

And that’s always a lot of fun.

(She is a good kid, on the whole. But … she’s three. We have our moments.)

Size of baby: The length of a carrot and edging on 3/4 of a lb.

Next appointment: One week from today.

Other: Kyle’s last day at his current job is tomorrow. And this week isn’t too easy for him. Yesterday, he was on his feet tinting paint all day yesterday – by himself. The new manager was in the warehouse and observed this and commented that they may have let the wrong guy go. It was good for Kyle to get some appreciation in a job that has been largely thankless. But way too little and way too late. He is so relieved to have the finish line in sight and be on to the next adventure. And he has a couple of days off, a quick roadtrip with his mom, and then home again for the new job to start on Monday! Woot!

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