20 Weeks


Kyle posted this photo from our vacation the other night on instagram with the caption “This is my family – Rita, Ivalee, and baby on the way”.

Week and day: 20 weeks

Belly Button in or out:In, but getting smaller

Wedding rings on or off: Still wearing two rings.

Food cravings: None really. I just eat whatever these days. Loving the Georgia peaches my parents procured for me recently. And the Hampton County watermelon my mother-in-law brought for us.

Food aversions: Really salty things – combined with the lovely summer heat – are starting to make my feet get pudgy. So I’ve been trying to watch my salt intake.

Nausea: Nada.

Energy level: Energy!! But I do love bedtime. 🙂

Weight gain: +6 total for pregnancy

Mood: Normal. I have my moments of weepiness and sentimentality.

Size of baby: The length of a banana. Supposedly this week is when the baby’s legs start to act independently of one another so that instead of being balled up and ‘fluttering’ about in there, the movements have become distinctly different and more like kicks.

Next appointment: Tuesday, July 23

Other: We got some great (non-pregnancy related) news today: Kyle has accepted a job offer and he will be able to continue his employment the week after his current position is eliminated! The offer is better than we could’ve asked. And the company seems to realize how valuable he can be to their company and is already taking care of him. When Kyle asked about the fact that we’ll be having a baby in the fall (before his vacation kicks in), the GM – with whom he interviewed – said “family first” –something we’ve never heard before. That excited us as much as anything else … and there was a lot that was exciting to us about the offer.

Friends IRL, I’m sure you’ll be privy to more details in person. But we’re just so excited to report that The Lord has provided above what we expected and we are just so, so grateful for his timeliness and provision.

Also, on a smaller scale, my sister took advantage of a Zulily promotion today and bought a new Ergo carrier for us to use with the new little one. I’m so excited!! What a nice gift!!

Last weekend, Kyle and I were able to take a vacation with his mom. She had rented a condo in Mt. Pleasant from Wednesday-Monday. Kyle’s band played the Fourth of July event at the Yorktown and so the location was very convenient for that. And there was a nice pool to enjoy. And some low-key family time. And good food. And downtown Charleston. We had such a blast with his mom and Doug. Tossing around baby names, shopping at the Farmer’s Market, eating a lot, and dancing like sillies on the Yorktown.



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