14 weeks: Hello Second Trimester


Week and day: 14 weeks, 5 days

Belly Button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: Still wearing two rings.

Food cravings: Tomato sandwiches. Of course, that’s kind of just because tomatoes are seriously my favorite food and it’s summer now … Tomato season!! Hallelujah amen. Also, I only really want savory things. Hardly ever any sweets.

Food aversions: Not so much anymore. Hallelujah amen. Still don’t enjoy really garlicky things, but on the whole, food and I are enjoying a much better relationship these days.

Nausea: Haven’t thrown up since Monday! The switch was thrown at week 14 (Tuesday) and the nausea has greatly decreased!! I only get really nauseated if I get hungry. And that’s easily controllable. Just gotta plan to eat every three hours.

Energy level: Returning. I still need a lot more sleep than “normal”, but that’s typical, right?

Weight gain: I haven’t been on a scale in a couple of weeks. At my twelve week appointment, I was at +2.

Mood: Feeling so much better. Glad to be back in the swing of things.

Size of baby: About the size of a lemon.

Next appointment: Tuesday, June 11.

Other: This past week began my new work schedule – which includes two days of working from home each week. Sooo excited to have the extra time at home to manage our home more effectively and spend more time with Ivalee. She really is such a big girl now and we have so much fun!! Of course, she’s three, so it’s not all roses and walks in the park. But she really is a very sweet kid.

I think this one is a boy. Things have been very different with this pregnancy. I don’t really understand what people mean by ‘intuition’ about those types of things, but I do find myself calling this one a ‘he’ quite regularly. Time will tell.

Kyle and I have decided to find out the gender again this time. Initially I wanted to be surprised, but he made a good point that by delivering at the birth center this time, there will be a lot less ‘family involvement’ than when Iva was born*. We’d like to do something fun where we find out with our families, as a way to include them on some of the excitement this time around.

*(The birth center has a very small waiting room, but they sort of discourage you from having your whole family come for the duration of your labor.)


One response to “14 weeks: Hello Second Trimester

  1. I’ll be excited to find out if it’s a boy or girl. I thought KK was a boy (before we found out at our 20 week scan) because I couldn’t stand anything sweet at the beginning and in general liked more savory things and I just overall had a very different pregnancy. But alas, she was not a boy. 🙂 So this pregnancy has been very different too so I really have no clue. I’m sure your family will love finding out together!! Not too much longer! And so glad you’re feeling better!!!

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