9 Weeks

It is likely that I will not be able to update this as often as I did when I was pregnant with Ivalee. But I still enjoy going back and reading stuff about my pregnancy with her and her first year, so I’ll try to do the same with this baby.

So this update format is easy. I’ll start with it.

Week and day: 9 weeks, 1 day

Belly Button in or out: way in

Wedding rings on or off: on

Food cravings: I have zero food cravings. In fact, the opposite is true. I have absolutely no appetite. Slushes from Sonic have been on my “frequently purchased” list. (Cranberry is the best!) Thank God for happy hour!

Food aversions: All the food. ALL the food. I have to concentrate and make myself take three bites of whatever I’m eating. If I can get the first three bites down, I’m usually good.

I have cooked once at home during the past four weeks. Smells are too much for me to handle. And the way they linger indoors is as bad as the direct smell while I’m cooking. We have eaten out ENTIRELY too much in the past few weeks. God bless my retired mom who has cooked for us twice in the past few weeks. Her food is always better than mine anyway.

Nausea: Constant. Zofran helps to control the actual vomitting, but I’m still nauseous almost all the time. I did have a few hours last night where I felt human. So that was nice. (Probably no coincidence that this happened on a night when my mom cooked for us. Her food has healing magic.)

Energy level: Low. Bedtime is 9:30 every night. But even before 9:30, I’m pretty lethargic. Weekend naptimes are my FAVORITES!!

Weight gain: -10 lbs.

Mood: Ready to not be sick anymore. (And tired of complaining about being sick. So … that’s all.)

Size of baby: almost an inch long – about the size of a grape.

Next appointment: Orientation at the Birth Center is on May 8.

Other: Ivalee is really hoping that this is a girl. When I try to remind her that we don’t really have any control of that and that we’ll be happy with a baby brother too, she will usually agree. But a baby sister is definitely on her Want List. (I want a boy. Kyle won’t admit to wanting one over the other, but when we first found out about this one, he said, “It’s kind of weird to think about having a boy. I only really know about dealing with girls.”)


3 responses to “9 Weeks

  1. Sorry you have been so sick!! You were really sick with Ivalee too weren’t you? I know it sounds so ridiculous because it’s no fun to feel bad (I have a couple months at the beginning where I feel awful but nothing requiring meds). But I gain SO much when I’m pregnant (maybe that’s why my milk supply is always superfluous??) that I’d love to lose some weight during the first trimester. The grass is always greener huh? 🙂 Anyway, SO excited for you guys!!! Can’t wait to find out if Ivalee will get her wish. 😉

    P.S. I sorta feel the same way as Kyle. I’m a little nervous to have a boy because I’m so used to girls now.

    • Sue,
      I was ‘sick’ with Ivalee, but it was different. Nauseous a lot, but aside from a long weekend of vomiting due to a stomach virus, there was no vomitting. This time, there is lots. And maybe I don’t remember being this sluggish and icky because I didn’t have a little energetic preschooler bouncing around me constantly. 🙂 We don’t get to be the Pregnant Diva with a kid in the house, do we?

      And I put on 60 lbs. with Ivalee. In that regard, I’m ok with going backwards a little in the beginning. 😉

      • Gotcha! Well could be it’s been a while plus you are chasing another child. Or could just be that every pregnancy can be so different. I felt like my first two were fairly different. And even this one has it’s differences too.

        No it’s definitely not the same being pregnant with kids already! 🙂

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