A non-exhaustive list of things I love about Kyle Polk:

1. He always smells nice.
2. He has opinions and voices them with ease.
3. Ever since he had his tonsils removed last year, he snores a lot less.
4. He takes out the trash.
5. He’s super-talented. The best drummer since Hal Blaine.
6. He shakes his hands and arms a lot when he’s nervous.
7. He genuinely cares for me and for our family.
8. He is a really hard worker.
9. He is very strong.
10. He’s a great kisser.
11. He has great taste in music. I dread to think about what I would be listening to without his musical influence in my life.
12. He gets really excited about holiday traditions.
13. He loves to wear jackets and hats and scarves, and he often pretends it’s cooler out than it actually is so he can wear these items.
14. I love his low voice.
15. He’s the perfect size for hugging. (Perfect size for me; not you.)
16. He is the most hospitable person I know.
17. While he is not the most gregarious person, he is fiercely loyal. And once you’re a friend, you’re always a friend.
18. He’s careful. He doesn’t make hasty decisions, but weighs his options slowly, with prayer and reason.
19. He loves me. Even though I’m not a great wife all the time, he still thinks I’m awesome.
20. He is such a great dad!! Hearing him tuck Iva into bed at night is one if my favorite things to eavesdrop on.
21. He is dependable.
22. He has an impossibly long fuse.
23. He can grow a really fierce beard pretty quickly. Manly man!
24. He’s my number one fan and is always pushing me to do the things I love.
25. He loves his mom.
26. He’s my total opposite and yet we work together so well.
27. His Fred Flintstone feet.
28. Whatever he’s involved in is automatically better for his creative contribution.
29. He’s mine for life and we love each other.

Happy birthday, Babe. This is the year!!



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