I’m Still Alive!

… because I know you were totally worried about my disappearance, right? Right?!

Worry no more, Friends. I am run ragged, but I’m still breathing.

I started a new job near the end of April. My schedule is somewhat insane at the moment. But the Polks are resilient people. We’re figuring it out.

For those inquiring minds who have not gathered information on my new employment from Facebook, I am now working for Providence Heating Cooling and Refrigeration. Our friends own and run the business and their business has grown beyond their ability to handle it as a two-some. So far, I’ve enjoyed it a lot, though I certainly have a LOT to learn about the industry. Grateful for the learning curve and for gracious, patient employers who answer my questions without rolling their eyes.

Anyway. As we are adjusting to my new schedule, we’ve had to figure out how to juggle things around as a family to keep this house running. SO grateful for Kyle who has been so helpful with stuff I used to be able to handle on my own.

20120512-145618.jpg The Daily To Do List

20120512-145634.jpg … and a few further instructions 😉



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