Valentine’s 2012

My Valentine is on the road.
The new Explorers Club album comes out today, so they’re touring to promote it and sell lots of copies so they can make lots of money.

(Get it here. $4.99?! Seriously?! Pay for it three times. It’s worth it!)

This Valentine’s Day, he woke up in Groton, Connecticut at my sister’s house. I’m sure Wesley is loving having his Uncle Kyle over. And I hope that this is the last Valentine’s Day he wakes up at my sister’s house instead of mine. 🙂 (ba-doon-doon-tsss!)

 Before he left town, I was a very thoughtful wife and made these valentines for him.

And also before he left, I was a very FORGETFUL wife and left them on the kitchen counter. Lame.

Today is Ivalee’s class Valentine’s Party. We made these for her friends.

The Valentine’s Bag topper I made to dress-up the dollar store Valentine’s zip-lock baggies.

Her buddy, Marlee, came over last night to bake and decorate cookies.
So many sprinkles! So much fun!

And this morning, she walked her Puppy to class for the Valentine’s Party.


One response to “Valentine’s 2012

  1. Omg. Seriously one of my favorite post. How much cuter can she get ?!

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