January According to Instagram

We rang in the New Year quietly together, and spent the first day of our year nursing a low-grade fever in the youngest of the Polks. Extra snuggles made the ‘trouble’ worth it.

January 3, it was back to work for me, after two weeks of holidays and vacation.

January 4, Kyle left for his first legit rock’n’roll tour. He took this photo from behind the drum set in Chattanooga, TN.

Ivalee and I tried to adjust to life without him for a few days. She was back and forth between icky-feeling and “I feel all better”. We found this to be the frustrating pattern of the month.

Kyle hob-knobbed with the guys from Tenth Avenue North in Nashville.

And Ivalee spent a night with a high fever and achiness that we couldn’t seem to shake …

… but less than twenty four hours later, we were eating dinner with my parents at the Mexican restaurant.

She was better …

… and Daddy got home. So all was right with the world.

Then Daddy left again … but just for one night, this time. He recorded a Daytrotter session in Asheville with the Explorers Club.

Fans of the show Heroes will recognize that Sylar was manning the recording booth. (That’s a joke.) (But seriously … right?)

And Ivalee went to her DeeDee’s house for the weekend. The plan was that I would spend the weekend disinfecting our house from two weeks of cough-and-cold sharing that we’d all been doing.

Instead I got the stomach flu and spent all day Saturday in bed.

Kyle played a show in Charlotte

… and got some new drum cases before he came home …

… and cleaned the living room so that said cases are not featured as permanent installations.

Ivalee and I were finally recovering from our days of Quarantine and went to her cousin Alex’s first birthday. Here, she is modeling Alex’s birthday present.

And here, she’s just being cute, loving Olivia, her monster.

Also being cute. (She put her purse over her neck and said, “Mommy, take a picture. I’ll say cheese!”)

Kyle did a great job of transitioning back and forth from Life on the Road to Life on the Carpet, playing with a toddler, while nursing a sick wife, while also being sick …

Lots of pressure this month. He’s such a pro at dealing with me.

By Saturday, we were all feeling SOOOOO much better. And the sun was shining, so we went outside.

And now it’s almost time for February.


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