30 by 30: The Other Stuff

Here is the list that I’ve kept updated. And here’s the final update of a few things that I didn’t complete, or didn’t do enough to really count, or just haven’t blogged about yet … but still totally will:

3. Find a Chili recipe that Kyle will eat. I knew this was going to be impossible. I was right. But I found a new soup recipe that he liked (here) and so I’ll call that a win.

4. Make and install a shelf over the bathroom door. Haven’t done this yet.

5. Reorganize my bedroom closet. I cleaned out and reorganized the top shelf. But that’s not the end product that I desire. So … this isn’t done. But I have ideas. Ideas that cost money. So … eventually. (On a related note: Why is there no IKEA in Charleston?)

7-9. Successfully can applesauce, apple butter, and apple jelly. I made applesauce and froze it. I tried to make jelly, but realized half-way into the process that I didn’t have nearly enough sugar. Fail. And the apples all “mysteriously disappeared” before I tried the apple butter.

11. Potty Train a Toddler. CHECK!! (more coming later)

12. Read ‘The Help’. My mother-in-law is finishing her copy and I’m going to borrow hers. Haven’t read it yet, for this reason.

13. Finish reading two books from my nightstand. Did you know that at some point in the ten weeks I allotted for completing these projects that I started a crafting business? (Am I crazy? Yes.) So all my reading free time has turned into knitting free time. So … that’s my excuse.

14. Paint the built-ins. There’s still a piece of wood that we have to purchase and attach before painting the built-ins. That hasn’t happened yet. One day soon.

15. Ride my bike at least twice a week. I did great at this for about three weeks. But then I found a walking partner and I walked instead of bike-riding. And since the point was to just “get off your lazy butt and do something”, I decided that counted. So … win. 😉

16.  Make a new local friend. check. The end.

18. Make curtains for my bedroom. I’m attaching this project to the bedroom closet reorganization since the curtains on the windows should match the curtain-doors on the closet. So … not done, but it’s still on the priority list.

21. Make an advent calendar for Ivalee and the family. May plan is to get 24 Christmas or winter-themed books and wrapping them up so she can open one every night before bedtime. I have almost all of them, but I want to get copies of The Polar Express and How the Grinch Stole Christmas and a couple of other “classics” to add to the mix. Mark this one “in progress”.

22.  Master homemade buttermilk biscuits. Become famous for them. I’ve MADE buttermilk biscuits a couple of times. They’re nothing to write home about yet, and I’m certainly not famous for them. Bummer.

24. Build a clothesline. Didn’t happen. I’ll move that to my spring list, since it’s finally cool enough that I won’t use a clothesline for a few months anyway.

27. Paint my knife block. This should’ve been one of the easiest projects to complete. But it still hasn’t happened. I’m having color commitment issues. Silly.

29. Make pretzels. Soft ones. I found a recipe. I bought the ingredients. And that’s as far as I got. Oops.

30. Brainstorm ideas for a children’s story. This is high on the list of Things To Finish. More details to emerge at a later date.


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