simply ten good things

(inspired by soulemama)

  1. crisp mornings and fresh sheets and warm blankets that bid you to stay … just one more minute
  2. pumpkin and apple scented candles
  3. long-sleeve tshirts and lace-up shoes on toddlers
  4. that one clean countertop and the empty kitchen sink – small victories during hectic work-weeks
  5. pumpkin pie cupcakes and hand-whipped cream at 10 PM – just because
  6. eagerly anticipating a quick trip to visit my grandparents and aunts and uncle … and we’re picking apples!
  7. and lots of cool people are coming to visit in October!
  8. rare quiet evenings at home with my little family
  9. sweet husbands who “admire” their “cute” wives (giggle!)
  10. dinner and adult conversation with my brother and sister-in-law

2 responses to “simply ten good things

  1. I do not approve of being second place to the Sartins just saying 😉

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