30 By 30: The House Number

photoThis may seem like something silly to put on The List, but … our street is insane. Where most streets are pretty easy to follow house-number-wise, (we’re 246, so it would stand to reason that 245 and 247 would be across the street), our street is not so. We live across from 235 and 237. It creates lots of confusion and we’ve actually had police officers knock on our door, looking for our neighbors. Sketch!!

So … this was super simple. I ordered these numbers off of Etsy (link) and for $8 (with shipping) and about five minutes that it took to apply them to my door, I’ve done my part to alleviate the Polk Street Confusion.

Added bonus: I really like it.

(No we don’t really live on Polk Street. But am I really gonna put my whole address on here? Nope.)

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