30 By 30: Cleaning Out Momma’s Laundry Room

Ok, first things first: No, my mom will not kill me for posting these pictures. I received her permission first.  So there’s that.

And on Saturday, there was this:


What you’re looking at is a room that has become a big mess (and a toddler making her way to The Steps). This door – the door to my mom’s laundry room – is just off her living room. When you pass by the washing machine/dryer, there’s a “closet” to the right:


and stairs that go up to the FROG (finished room over garage) to the left.

When my parents bought the house in 1994, we were moving from Georgia to South Carolina. The FROG became my brothers’ room. They were in college/working in Georgia still and didn’t really require “a room”, but my mom wanted them to have a place that was theirs whenever they came to visit. So the closet at the bottom of the stairs was “theirs”, since the FROG doesn’t have a closet.

Over the years, this closet has been my closet, Mendy’s closet (that FROG was quite a desirable bedroom), and now it’s just sort of a catch-all for the Empty Nesters / Grandparents.

So my mom and I went in with a vengeance on Saturday morning. We washed two loads of “is it clean or not?” laundry, sorted through lots of “stuff” that’s been in that closet (or in the closet floor) for a while. Everything that needed to stay in there, we gave it a place and everything that didn’t got tossed or donated.

And now it looks like this:



Much improved, but not perfect yet. Oh, no. I’ve got big plans for this room! My mom has no real linen closet  in her house — so that will be this closet’s next function. Linen Closet / Laundry Room.

Here are the “plans” my dad and I came up with on Saturday afternoon. (Mind you, I’m no architect or artist!)


First, the room needs a fresh coat of paint so … that will be happening. Then … some storage that isn’t falling off the wall. 🙂

From the top – down: Overhead storage for baskets that will hold some of her crafting supplies, some important papers that she needs to keep “on file” but doesn’t ever need to access, and whatever other Miscellaneous stuff just needs a place.

Our family is a game-playing family, so they have quite a collection of games to store. Those will have two shelves down the right hand side of the closet.

Two shelves for her linens and blankets.

Storage underneath for laundry baskets when they’re not being used (or even if they are … it’ll keep them out of the middle of the floor.

And hooks for broom, swiffer, ironing board, and a place to stand her vacuum cleaner.

We also have an idea that we’ll build this to hang on the wall to the left of this shelving contraption: A DIY Laundry Room Drying Rack.

I’m not a carpenter … or even a good carpenter’s assistant! 🙂 But we’ll see what happens. This will be my Holiday Season Project — probably part of Momma’s Christmas present. I’ll update you when it’s completed.


2 responses to “30 By 30: Cleaning Out Momma’s Laundry Room

  1. Wow! Can you come and fix my up laundry room? Alex knocked down all of my wire shelvey stuff climbing while out of the attic a few weeks ago. He swears he’s going to re-do things in there and that’s why he hasn’t put them back up. I’m slacking on laundry because crap is stacked everywhere and I hate going in there.

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