30 by the time I’m 30

I have two months and six days until I’m 30.

When I was 24, about a month out from my birthday, I allowed people to chime-in on a list of “25 Things I Should Do By the Time I’m 25” on the blog I kept at the time. The list filled up with all kinds of craziness pretty quickly and ultimately the only thing I knocked off the list was “carve a pumpkin.” I’d never done that. (I had a rather uneventful childhood, I suppose. I digress.)

Something I learned about myself at that time: I’m not a particularly ambitious person. I have big dreams, but in the grand scope, they’re actually pretty small. For example, a “big dream” of mine is to see Jeff Tweedy play a solo show. Another “big dream” I have ย is to figure out which European city Kyle and I want to visit and go there for at least a week. We debate whether it will be London or Rome or Edinburgh … or just somewhere on a green hill surrounded by people with neat accents, dark beer, and yummy food. But we’ll get there one day.

Anyway. Back to my “small dreams”. Yeh, I’m a small-dreams, practical, realist of a person. Never has this been reinforced as much as it was when I put together this list. I put it up on the blog earlier and showed it to Kyle. His reaction … well, it highlighted some insecurities that I have about myself and I decided to take it down.

(Sorry, babe. It’s true. And I’m about the truth.)

But here it is again … because I’ve decided that I don’t care. Not “I don’t care what Kyle thinks” … because there’s no human on this earth whose opinion I care more about. But I don’t care that anyone sees how truly simple I really am.

This is not a Bucket List. Thirty is by no means the end of my life — at least I hope! But – who am I kidding – the items on my ACTUAL Bucket List would be pretty boring too, I’m sure.

So this time – with all the “added wisdom” of the years from 24-29 – I made my own personal “To Do List”. One I may actually complete. And be proud of, in the end.

30 Thingsย I Want To Do Before I’m 30:

1. Bake a berry pie. From scratch. All by myself.
2. Make whipped cream … by hand. (I know!! All these years of baking and cooking and I’ve never whipped cream myself.)
3. Find a chili recipe that Kyle will eat. (This may be impossible, but … I’ve gotta have at least one impossible goal on the list, right?)
4. Make and install a shelf over the bathroom door.
5. Reorganize my bedroom closet.
6. Run. Just once. (More if I try it and find it’s more fun than I anticipate … which I fully doubt.)
7. Successfully can applesauce.
8. … and apple butter.
9. … and apple jelly. (I’m going apple-picking in October.)
10. Make and hang a pretty fall wreath on my front door.
11. Potty train a toddler.
12. Read ‘The Help’.
13. Finish reading two books from my nightstand.
14. Paint built-in shelves in living room.
15. Ride my bike at least twice a week.
16. Make a new local friend.
17. Save enough money for a new Christmas tree.
18. Make curtains for my bedroom.
19. Learn to make yummy caramels.
20. Crochet flowers for Emily’s wedding bouquet.
21. Make an advent calendar for Ivalee and the family.
22. Master homemade buttermilk biscuits. Become famous for them.
23. Make my own cleaning products. (Ok, I cheated. I technically made these last weekend, before I fully assembled this list. But it’s been on my mental To Do List for a while, and I haven’t blogged or tweeted about it, so pretend you don’t know.)
24. Build a clothesline.
25. Help my mom clean out her laundry room.
26. Make pumpkin pie cupcakes.
27. Paint my knife block.
28. Put our house number on the front door of my house.
29. Make pretzels – soft ones. And if I’m feeling really ambitious, try to figure out how Kickin’ Chicken gets that yummy cheese on the inside.
30. Brainstorm ideas for a children’s story.


8 responses to “30 by the time I’m 30

  1. I think that’s a fine list. I probably couldn’t even accomplish it all by the time I turn 30. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Oh sure you could! Come to SC!! we’ll knock them off the list together! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’ll give you the potty training one.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I think that’s awesome. I’m not even brave enough to post something like that (and I have a few more months than you). And I wanna hear about these homemade cleaning products. I sorta tried but our shower is so darn, well, gross, that vinegar just won’t cut it and I don’t wanna keep 10 boxes of baking soda on hand. Can I make the excuse that we have well water so it’s hard water too? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I just read last week — actually Cassie (previous commenter) posted the link on Pinterest — about a homemade dish detergent used by a girl in a hard water area. It used something called Lemi-shine to cut the minerals or whatever it’s called in hard water. I’ve also heard if people using unsweetened lemon Kool-Aid as a rinse-aid in the dish washer. :shrugs: I don’t have hard water, so I have no experience with that. BUT, I will be sharing my recipes and reviews on the stuff I’ve made. Maybe it will be a good starting point for you.

  3. I’m 52 and I’ve not done many of the things on your list so if you get them done by 30 my already great admiration for you will grow even more!

  4. This list could also be entitled “A Selection of the Shared Interests Which Contribute to the Inevitable Friendship Between Rita & Amanda”. Thanks for your openness, and godspeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You need to post an update on this with the ones you’ve done marked off…just sayin’

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