Explorers Club

(I think it’s only appropriate that you open another browser tab and have this playing in the background as you read. Go ahead. I’ll wait.)

This is the part of our “staying in Charleston” that we’re the most excited about. To help you understand why, I think I need to rewind 10 years. In the summer following our freshman year of college, Kyle and I had a short but serious conversation about the fact that his dream was to be able to tour with a band as their drummer. He was 18 at the time and he was trying to figure out a way to make that happen.

Despite his best efforts, nothing ever came together. And when we were married three years later, that dream had taken a back seat. For the first time in years, he didn’t even own a drum set. He played with the worship band at church on occasion and that was pretty much it.

That didn’t last very long at all. He squirreled away some cash over the course of a few months and bought a small kit. He started collecting cymbals and drum heads and practicing like mad. And in 2007, he was playing with three bands, practicing with others, and was easily the best drummer I knew. And over the next few years, he would play a lot of weekends — local shows, mostly, but the occasional show in Atlanta or Charlotte or Columbia.

Fast Forward to 2010. He had been playing with a group called Redbirds and they disbanded when Kyle announced that we were planning to move. This was a pretty big sacrifice for him. He was playing with good friends, writing great songs, people were really enjoying their live shows, and they were beginning to talk about seeking out shows with touring acts. All of this was a big consideration when we talked about moving. Not that there aren’t musicians in Newnan/Atlanta, but fostering chemistry and basically starting from scratch was an intimidating prospect for him.

In May of this year, Jason Brewer contacted Kyle. Jason is the singer and song-writer for Explorers Club. Redbirds had played several shows with them and Jason had taken an interest in them. And Explorers Club – having just finished recording for their next album – found themselves without a drummer.

So to make a long story fit into <140 characters:

So that’s where he is. They’re having their recordings for the album mixed and mastered to be ready to release in the near future. They’ve got a few other things up their sleeves and some local shows coming up. And the potential for Kyle to fulfill a lifelong dream of touring after the album is released.

If not, he’s just having a lot of fun. And that’s ok too.

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