Silly aside: I’ve been making our laundry detergent for several months now. I’ve discovered a minor flaw in that during 105*+ temperatures, my husband sweats a lot at work and apparently my soap formula is going to need a little extra something to take care of his sweaty work clothes. So I haven’t had a chance to do any research about this yet, but while I was shopping for dish soap yesterday at the ol’ Walmarts, I found a bottle of Cascade with a free sample of Downy Unstopables attached. (Drives me crazy that Unstoppables is misspelled, but I digress.) I hadn’t heard of the product, but I’ve never been one to turn down free samples. And it smelled nice, and I was shopping for Cascade anyway.

So when Kyle came home today particularly concerned about the smell of his work shirt, I thought, “I’ll give his work clothes the Unstopable Treatment.” The sample packet said to dump the whole packet in for one load … no matter the load size.

And I have to say – wowza – you’d have to be smell-blind to use that much !! WHOA, is it ever strong-smelling! I only used 1/4 of the product sample and it made my whole house smell. I’m not really complaining; it was a pleasant smell. But I’m just thinking of the poor person who dumped that whole sample in their small load of laundry and got a headache while folding and putting away laundry.

… Of course that does sound like a convenient excuse for letting someone else handle the laundry! Maybe Downy should use that in their marketing for this product!


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  1. Ohmygosh… YAY!!!

  2. How cool is that!!! I will def keep an eye/ear out for the Explorer’s Club and Kyle!

  3. I’d like your recipe for the detergent. I’ve found a few but am afraid to try them because I’m not sure they work…

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