Ivalee, a Mini-Update

(subtitle: A Post Where I Brag a Lot)


Truth: When she had to start going to day care two days a week, I didn’t love that idea. But she is really learning SO MUCH by being in there with those other children!

She sings songs that I haven’t taught her –  my favorite is “crinkle crinkle little star”,

she learns lots of words and is communicating above her level,

counts to 13 by herself,


knows her ABC’s (still has a little problem with “ella-yellow-P”),

she recognizes almost all her letters (she confuses K and X sometimes. Q us always O, and she doesn’t say “M” but says “mmm” … we’ll get there),

she pee-peed on the potty for the first time yesterday!! At day care! They have three potties next to each other and after naptime, she was sitting with two of her friends and … it happened!! I’ve never been happier that she’s just down the hall — her teachers came and got me immediately and I was able to run down there with a treat in my hand to do a celebratory dance and hop around the room. It really was a bit much, I’m sure, but I was excited!!

So lesson learned that I can now apply to our present confusion: God works good of even the situations which I “don’t love”.


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