Before we go any further …

Remember this? The big blog announcement that happened almost exactly a year ago?

Hey, Moncks Corner! We’re still here!

This is what the past year in Polk Life has looked like, in reference to these efforts:

June 2010 – spend the entire month praying about what it would look like for our family to move to Newnan

July 2010 – decide it’s a good idea and start planning in that direction

August 2010 – have a big yard sale, make some money, use the money to start painting, tearing up carpet, etc. etc. etc.

September 2010 – still painting; go to Newnan for a week to give Kyle a chance to find a job; he doesn’t but we have some leads to follow up on and we return home to focus on the house again

October 2010 – still painting (it’s slow when you have a toddler and we painted the whole house. Never. Again. Ever.)

November 2010 – have new carpet laid, finish painting, and finally get the house on the market

December 2010 – wait

January 2011 – wait

February 2011 – wait

March 2011 – have several promising house-showings, receive no offers, continue to wait; pray very hard and have some tough discussions about what it looks like to pack it all up and just go; never feel at peace with that often-prescribed (by well-meaning friends) ‘solution’

April 2011 – wait

May 2011 – our six-month contract with our realtor is up; he didn’t really meet our expectations and we want to list with someone new anyway, so we pull the house off the market

June 2011 – start “moving back in”

And here we are. It’s July 2011. One year later and to be honest, we feel a little defeated. We’re still a little disoriented by the whole experience.

So I’m not sure what else to say about that. We still “want so much more than fine” for ourselves and for our family. I think it just looks different than we maybe had in mind. We continue to pray for the best. And we’ll see where we end up.


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