A Birthday Party and Her First Phone Call

We were invited to a birthday party for a friend’s kids on Saturday. It was at the mother’s parents’ house and it didn’t take us long at all to figure out why. Her parents have The Best set-up in their backyard. A big waterslide inflatable complete with seven-foot slide, water spraying from several directions, and a bounce-house area! And a big pool too, but we didn’t make it that far into the yard. That inflatable was The Real Deal. And Iva was fearless when it came to the slide – went down it without holding our hands three or four times.

And it left quite an impression on Ivalee too. On the way home, I had given her my phone to watch Dora while I drove. Kyle and I were talking and she was being quiet; I really thought she’d gone to sleep. My phone rang and I took it and answered it. It was my mom. She said she was calling to talk to Ivalee again – not me. Ivalee had turned off Dora, turned on the phone and called several people until she got my mom on the phone.

My mom said she just kept saying, “Momma, Daddy, Momma, Daddy …” until her Gran asked her if she had fun at the party. Ivalee said, “Gran! I played in water at the party!”

Her first phone conversation! We usually have to prompt her to greet people on the phone, but this time she told her Gran something all on her own. She’s really growing up.


One response to “A Birthday Party and Her First Phone Call

  1. This makes me smile a lot. 😀 ( <— see?)

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