Ivalee Update, 22.75 months

Ivalee will be two years old in less than two months. She is growing like a WEED! She’s full of spunk and personality and … well, here are some details.

  • Over the weekend, a friend tried counting how many words she knows. There’s no hope in that effort anymore. She speaks in simple sentences (I’ll get it. I did it! I want water! What’s that, Mommy? and my personal favorite, I wuv you.) and expresses herself very well. She’s very verbal and learns new words every day.


  • She LOVES books!! She’s even memorized parts of a few stories that are her favorites. When we open up “The Monster at the End of this Book“, she immediately says, “Hello, everybodeeee! What did that say?!” And the first page of one of her Dora books says, “Hello! I am Dora! I am glad that you are here.” She opens it and says, “Hello! I’m Dora! I’m here!” (Ok, it’s not exact, but it’s super-cute nonetheless.) She even spells BOOK. Thank you, Word World!


  • She’s really learning her colors lately. Her default color is Red. “Iva, what color is this?” “Red!! Green.” “What color is this?” “Red!! Blue.”


  • She counts to eleven (or eleben, as it often sounds) and sings her ABC’s. Of course she stumbles through some parts, but she’s learning. And she recognizes letters when she sees them on signs or on her blocks. She gets O, R, T, B, I, & N almost every time (and I just realized that those letters spell Norbit. Great movie. Ha!)


  • Music is her favorite! Maybe this is true for all toddlers, I dunno, but if you want her to do something, sing the instructions! The Clean Up song … whoever wrote it, thank you! Because everybody everywhere SHOULD be doing their share!! 😉 And if it’s time to wash her hair in the tub, we “wash-wash-wash your hair! wash it every day!!” (Sigh. The current soundtrack to my life must sound so pathetic to someone who doesn’t have kids. Worth it!!)Seriously, though. I’ve taken to listening to the Pandora Disney station with her (while Kyle’s not at home, of course) and we dance like fools. She LOVES it!! (Thanks to Mrs. Meade for the unintentional recommendation!) We hit a string of GREAT dancing songs tonight: Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book), Everybody Wants to be a Cat (Aristocats), a song from The Princess and The Frog that was a real rug-cutter! Fun!!


  • She’s still in day care two days a week. She learns a lot there and gets really excited to see her friends when we’re walking down the hall to her class. Still grateful my mom gets to keep her those other three days of the week!
  • She’s still a diaper girl! We spent a few solid hours one morning trying to start Potty Training, but she just wasn’t ready. Mind you, it didn’t bother her at all to sit around completely naked all morning. But actually doing something besides reading books, watching movies, and drinking (lots and lots!) while she sat was just a totally foreign concept. We’ll try again another time.

4 responses to “Ivalee Update, 22.75 months

  1. I need to see that kid again. And you too. Dinner, soon!

  2. I LOVE WordWorld too!!! 🙂 Ri is completely not interested in the potty yet either. She’ll tell us she pooped but when I ask her if she wants to go on the potty she tells me no. I’m ok with that though considering I’m using my trusty cloth diapers. 🙂

  3. She is getting so big! Loved the update:)

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