Big Girl Bed

Tonight is Iva’s first night in her Big Girl Bed. We set-up my sister’s old day bed in her room over the weekend. I found a new bed rail on craigslist and got it yesterday. The Dora sheets we used were a yard-saling find from a good friend. And Kyle and I picked up a long pillow and mattress protector and put it all together to try it out tonight.

For the past two days, she’s been pointing to it saying, “Iva’s bed.” (Of course everything is Iva’s these days, or so she thinks.) We’ve read books and laid in the bed together before naps, thinking we’d get her used to it before we tried to really use it.

Well today seemed like the perfect day! We’ve been swimming all day and this was one TIRED kid. So we did our usual bedtime routine. A book, lights out, about five repeats of “Jesus Loves Me” (or “Ni-No” as she calls it), a high five, a kiss, and a final “Night-night”.

She cried for just a minute, Kyle waited outside the door to make sure she wouldn’t get up. She didn’t. She passed out.

We’ll call it a success. And we’ll see what happens from here on out.

UPDATE: Total success … for night one! πŸ™‚


2 responses to “Big Girl Bed

  1. Awesome!!! I have been looking for bunk beds to put in Ri’s room since we want her and her sister to share a room – that way, she can sleep on the bottom bunk for a while and move to the top when her sister is old enough for a big girl bed. Craigslist is hard though…so many scams!

  2. Hey Rita! It’s Courtney. I can’t believe Ivalee is in her big girl bed! It sounds like it was a painless transition which is awesome. On the potty training issue, when Judah was in daycare he started potty training at 2 years, 3 months. For him it was too young, as he learned how to pee in a toilet and was “pee” trained almost immediately, but pooped his pants for the following 9 months (I thought I was going to go insane!). With Quinn, I’ve been waiting for him to be like Ivalee and indicate he’s actually aware of his body functions before I start. I’m going to do the “potty train in a day” method with him, which my sister was able to fully potty train her son in one weekend. We’ve planned to do this in a few weeks. I’m nervous, but excited to do it, as saving $$ on diapers will be a HUGE blessing! Let me know how it goes with Ivalee and if you want to hear the brief version of potty train in a day, just shoot me an email I’ll fill you in. Also, we still have your stuff! We need to hang out soon to get it back to you! πŸ™‚

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