Potty Training?

Over the past several months, there have been a few occasions where I’ve thought, “Oh my gosh, this kid is ready to potty train!” Every now and then — typically around the same time she is getting a diaper rash — she’ll let me know as soon as she pees, pulling on her diaper and saying, “Biaper! Biaper! Wet!”

But as soon as the rash would fade, so would her ‘alarms’ about using the bathroom.

Several times recently, I’ve noticed that she’s walking off and squatting when she’s peeing. She’s totally ready. Now I need to get ready.

Parents, give me your best toilet training advice / pointers / plans. Go!


One response to “Potty Training?

  1. Sorry, no words of wisdom, but I will say that it is definitely a process! You’ll think she has it and then another accident out of nowhere will happen. You will do great. Just let her take the lead on it.

    That’s all I got:)

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