My Mini-Me

There is no question which of her parents Ivalee most closely resembles. And as much as she looks like her dad, she ACTS like her mom. She likes what she likes. She doesn’t like what she doesn’t like. She wants to do everything herself. And she is a control freak. She’s a toddler version of Rita.

Last night at dinner, Iva bit her tongue. it hurt her pretty bad and she cried out. I got up to check on her and took her fork from her hand as a self-protecting precaution. Her focus quickly switched from the “owie” to the injustice of my having taken her fork. “It’s MY moon!” (moon = spoon = all utensils) Nevermind that you’re hurt and I’m here to check on and/or console you.

That’s totally me. I can’t psychoanalyze it to make my idiosyncrasies make sense or justify them in any way, it’s just that seeing her do that was like looking in a mirror.

Parenting really is humbling, huh?


2 responses to “My Mini-Me

  1. I hadn’t a CLUE how sanctifying raising a child would be – and I’m just barely getting started! Apparently, God has a lot of work to do in me. 🙂

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