Unworthy Tutor?

A lady with crazy hair walks into my office with a 7-8 year old little girl.

Lady: I’m tutoring this little girl. We were told (by workers in the day care here) that we could probably find a quieter room in this part of the building.

Rita: Ok. There’s no one in the Conference Room. You’re welcome to use it. It’s the next door down the hall on the right. It says “CONFERENCE ROOM” on a sign above the door.

Lady: Ok, thank you.

A few moments pass.

Lady: That Conference Room is a bathroom.

Rita: No ma’am. The room with the CONFERENCE ROOM sign above it is certainly not a bathroom.

Lady: Well I saw a toilet.

I’m confused at this point, so I get up and walk down the hall with her. I open the door, turn on the light, not a toilet to be seen.

Lady: Oh! Haha. I thought I saw a toilet.


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