A Legitimate Update

It might be a little here-and-there-and-everywhere, but here are some of the thoughts I’ve had running through my head that I wanted to document and share:

A. 2011 and a brief thought about resolutions —

  1. Read more. I read only two books last year. And only one of them was a “new” book, meaning I’d never read it before. (I re-read “Deathly Hallows” before the movie came out. And to say I “read” it is a stretch, since I mostly listened to it while we painted the house September – November. Yay for audiobooks on youtube!) That’s an embarrassingly small number. So I’ve resolved to read more. Kyle and I took a trip to the library last night to get me started. I’m late to the game on both of these, but it’s my first time reading through The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar. I’ve missed that feeling of being lost in a story. Also!! Library websites!! So cool!!
  2. Eat better. Something about having a kid makes you think about the foods that you ingest. Particularly when they’re ingesting them at nearly the same rate you are. (My kid is a GOOOOD eater!) So I’ve set small goals to cut way back on the processed foods this year and cook with whole foods and just to eat fruits and vegetables more. So far so good.
  3. Take time for myself.* I feel like, particularly in the last three months but even in the year before that, my “me time” has been pretty limited. I haven’t been reading, knitting, taking pictures, “real” cooking, just getting out to visit with my friends, or any of the things I used to enjoy. This year, I’m trying to focus on making little pockets of time for myself. And I even have my eyes on a Rita Day coming up one weekend in the future. I have a gift card for a massage [my first ever!!], a Starbucks gift card, $20 [Goodwill shopping spree??], an Outback gift card [date night with the hubby!]  to cash in and grandparents who keep begging for an overnight with their favorite granddaughter. (Amy, I can still say that for a little longer!!)

B. On Parenting a Toddler  — I am completely of the opinion that my child is the best little girl there ever was. Days spent with her are an absolute joy. She is SO active these days. Toddlerhood is doling out its fair share of bumps and bruises these days. She’s fallen down the stairs at home twice or three times just this week. Once, she just neglected to slow down as she was charging from one end of the house to the other. She had some good momentum and totally rolled down three concrete/brick stairs onto the carpet in the Family Room. A few tears were shed, but she recovered quickly with only a few minor scratches to show for the experience. And she does slow down more methodically now.

She eats pretty much whatever we put in front of her these days. Grapes are still her favorites, but she’s learning to be very particular about how they’re cut up. (Weird-o.)

And she’s cutting four “molars” (I guess that’s what they’re called when they’re in the back, right?) Her bottom left has already cut through and the others are right under the skin. She’ll be ready to eat some uncooked apples soon!

Also, her day care teachers asked if they could try to set her on the potty today. I’m not sure how that’s going, but maybe if she’s watching the other little girls in her class, she’ll catch on?? (Are we really getting there already?!)

C. Cloth Diapering — Still loving my diapers. I sent back in eight of my BG 3.0s recently to have them replaced. The “landing strip” on the front of the Velcro had frayed so badly on a few of them, and they were still well within the one-year warranty! So … new diapers! Yay!

I briefly mentioned about Coconut Oil in a post a few weeks ago. Susan has been telling me about this stuff for forever and I’m officially a full convert! It is the ONLY thing that I’ve found that’s both Cloth-Diaper Safe AND actually works to get rid of Iva’s diaper rash. She doesn’t get it often, but she gets it when she’s teething a lot and when she gets it, it can get pretty ugly!

D. Moving — Our house is listed. We’ve done all the things our realtor requested of us. The holidays are behind us, so now we wait. Please pray for a buyer.

E. Kyle the Musician — He is in a hip hop band these days. Random? Yeh. Silly? Absolutely. But it’s a lot of fun. And giving Kyle a chance to flex his drumming muscles. Lots of Kanye West, Roots, Age of Adz (Sufjan) and John Legend going on in the house these days. A little different from the “typical” Arcade Fire, Sufjan (before Age of Adz), Mumford, and The National. Oh well.

Ok, I think that’s thorough enough. In the future, I’ll have completed yarn-crafts to posts, book reviews, photos of my new niece, delicious recipes, … AND I’ll hang out with my friends on occasion. 2011 is the year!


* Yes, I know. I had a kid. And I’m aware of how they take time. No comments from the peanut gallery, please.


6 responses to “A Legitimate Update

  1. you are a teller of untruths…you had a massage the day before my wedding. You’re welcome…glad my gifts are so unforgettable 😦

    • It’s not the same to have a 15-minute massage from a chatty friend in my guest bedroom as it is to have a hot stone massage for an hour in … not my guest bedroom. 🙂

      Your gift was very appreciated. This time will be an experience I’ve never had before.

  2. Can I put my name on the list of friends to hang out with on occasion? Pretty please 🙂

  3. Rita,

    I completed my list of goals for 2011 but I am not willing to share them publicly. We share a few goals, I want to eat better and read more this year myself. Thanks for sharing!

    Will <

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