Moving Right Along

I keep saying that I’m going to post an update here so you don’t have to keep wondering where we are in the process and what’s going on with the moving process. So here’s my feeble attempt at an update.

  • As of last night, the house is listed. A sign goes up in the yard and a lock box is put in place today. And the photographer will be visiting by the end of the week. (So you can all snoop online and see what my house looks like.)
  • We’ve spent the last two months painting, removing carpet, replacing doors and blinds, painting, painting, and painting. And the house looks totally different. We also had some help with installing molding in the kitchen and hallway and quarter round around the baseboards in every room where carpet was removed. (This is probably a lot of detail, but it’s pretty much the only thing concrete I can report on, so … deal with it.)
  • Kyle has put his feelers out for a job several times. And he’s received a couple of offers, but nothing that would warrant him moving ahead of us. So we’ve pretty much put the brakes on the job search, thinking that we’d prefer to all move at the same time anyway. So we’ve been focusing on the house. And now it’s listed, we wait for it to sell.
  • We do have some more work to do. The Realtor told us last night that we should fully convert our “converted garage” into a fourth bedroom. Ay caramba! So new carpet installation, more painting, and a good bit o’ cleaning.
  • We sold some furniture in order to fund the Home Repairs. And now we find that we need some furniture to “stage” our house. (Specifically the “Fourth Bedroom” we’ve been told to make out of the converted garage.) So if you have an extra sofa, chest of drawers, or double mattress (we have access to a frame) in a place where you don’t need it, please donate. I’ll return it after the house sells. Or I won’t. Whatever suits your fancy.

I think that’s about it. It’s listed, but it’s not done yet. Pray for us to be able to finish this thing well. I’m tired of painting working on this house. I’m ready to be done with it.

And pray for a quick sell.


4 responses to “Moving Right Along

  1. We have a double mattress you’re welcome to. It’s just soaked in cat pee. Don’t suppose that would help you sell the house. 🙂

  2. I have a double mattress and box springs you could use…also the wood frame. I used it in my short lived apartment. I might have a table or two as well. Let me know 🙂

  3. I have a blue loveseat you may use. Also a small black bookshelf (tall and narrow). Maybe some other things too– I’ll look around.

  4. I’ll def. pray for a quick sell for SO many reasons. You’ll be able to be with Alex and Jana sooner, you’ll be able to look for work sooner, AND you won’t have to keep your house so doggon clean with a kid running around “un”cleaning it behind you:)
    So excited for this next step for ya’ll!

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