Weekend Productivity

I have been struggling lately with this nagging feeling of slack-itude. The list of incomplete projects going on at my house often seems insurmountable. Yes, we’ve made lots of progress, but the detail work that remains on the endless list is going to be the death of me. It’s amazing how slowly things move along with a toddler in the mix!

BUT … this weekend, I feel good about what little I was able to accomplish. And I had lots of time with Kyle and Ivalee. I’m not good at balancing that at times.

Ok. Point is, we have ten days until we want to be done with everything and, for the first time, I feel like that may be a real possibility.

And in summary, it’s amazing what a clean kitchen will do for your outlook.


One response to “Weekend Productivity

  1. “slack-itude”…I like that word. I’m going to try to use that in a sentence before the day is over:)

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