An Ivalee Update

In lieu of a substantive post, I’m making a list of cute things that Ivalee does and various other “update material”. That should entertain my hoards of followers/ Iva-stalkers for a bit, right? 🙂 (ahem, Katie Bordeaux, ahem)

  • She calls my mom “Giggly.” We’d been calling her “Gran” since Wesley was born. But if Iva wants her to be Giggly, I think Iva might get her way. Plus, “Giggly” is pretty fun, right?
  • Her love for keys is flourishing. If your purse is on the floor, you’d better be alert or your keys may disappear. She picks them up and heads straight for the door, waving and saying, “Bye bye!” the whole way.
  • I know most kids love music, but I’m SERIOUS about this girl and her music! She LOVES it! And she has great pitch and rhythm. And when we’re singing “The Wheels on the Bus”, she comes in at the exact right time on the exact right note with her “ALLLLL druuuue … ” (the town). It’s crazy. And she claps and shakes her head in time with the beat of whatever we’re listening to. She’s going to be her daddy’s music prodigy! 🙂
  • hehehe … Giggly. 🙂

  • Signs she knows: More and All Done
  • Words she knows: Baby, Dog, Cat, “Woof woof”, “moooo”, Mama, Daddy, Hey, Bye Bye, All Done, Giggly, No (complete with head-shake), “Oh, Toodles!” (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse),
  • Words she pretends to know: All of them. She chatters like crazy and pretends to be listening and understanding our conversations.
  • Things that make her laugh: (1) Her belly is so ticklish. and (2) Zerberts. The night she first realized she could make that funny noise herself, it would seriously break her heart when I would pull my arm away. She blew raspberries on my arm for ten minutes straight. There was lots of spit involved. It was a lovely time.
  • Things she loves: Her bear which she calls “Baby”, Winnie the Pooh, Sid the Science Kid, waking up her daddy by patting on his back and saying “Heeeeyyyy” as soon as he rolls over, dancing, taking walks (strolls) in the evenings, riding on Daddy’s shoulders, playing with cell phones, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, watching music videos with her daddy, being tossed or swung into the air, cheese, and grapes.
  • Things she hates: Changing clothes, and when people take “her keys” from her. (“Her keys” meaning any keys she has found or been given … they’re hers and she’s choosing to learn the hard way that that is not true.)
  • Things that we love: Everything, naturally. But our FAVORITES are: She’s still a great eater — will PRETTY much eat anything we put in front of her, but seems not to like sweets too much — except for ice cream, because she’s smart like her momma like that.She goes to sleep with hardly a peep at night. Her evening routine is pretty familiar and when she lays down, she kicks the covers off, waves at us, rolls on her side, hugs Winnie the Pooh, and once lights are out, we rarely hear a peep from her. And she sleeps until 7 AM or so. She is very independent. She’s developing a bit of a strong will and has an independent streak a mile wide. We see this playing out beautifully in the future and want to encourage her independence and strength while also controlling her stubbornness. (Side note: Parenting is not for sissies.)

Ok, I think that’s a pretty thorough update. On the homefront, we are finishing up painting at our house. We got the front yard finished over the weekend and the outside will be pressure-washed this week. We’ll get the house listed soon and get this show on the road. :fingers crossed:


5 responses to “An Ivalee Update

  1. I mean, all that’s great, and cute and stuff, but seriously, where are the pictures?! Lame update Reetar 🙂

  2. I agree with Mendy. Pictures, please! 😉

  3. There. 😛

  4. Thank you!!! haha 🙂

  5. I like that you posted as Reetar…its my fav.

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