The Kissing Bandit

Yes, I’m slacking off in the blogging department lately. Remember, we’re trying to move? Well in between getting ready to paint, then getting sick and not actually painting, and getting ready to paint again … and getting sick again …

Well, life has been interesting. Also, we have a full-fledged toddler these days. And keeping up with her is exhausting and a total pleasure. Her newest thing is kissing. Kissing toys, kissing mommy and daddy, blowing kisses to everybody, kissing furniture, kissing knees when she can’t reach your face … the child loves to kiss.


So some day soon, life is going to calm down and there will be a good old fashioned Polk update. But probably not any time TOO soon.

I hate moving.

And I’ve not even really started.

All signs point to “Let’s never do this again.” 😀


One response to “The Kissing Bandit

  1. It’s not too late!!! You can just stay here!!!!!! 😉

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