Diaper Junction Giveaway

For those of you who have been wanting to try out Cloth Diapers but are skeptical to commit to a particular brand, THIS is the giveaway for you to enter! Diaper Junction (located in Virginia Beach, VA) is having a giveaway where the top prize winner receives $500 in the form of a Diaper Junction Gift Card. (Three other prizes are being distributed and they are all GREAT prizes!! A 12-pack of FuzziBunz OS diapers; a 6-pack of GroVia diapers; and a 6-pack of BumGenius diapers!)

I have made several purchase from Diaper Junction and highly recommend them! (My sister lives in Virginia Beach. One day I want to go and just sit in their warehouse!!)

So, I’ve entered the giveaway. (Along with TONS of other people!) And I’m dreaming about how I could spend that $500! First, I’d get Cassie some color for her collection. I’d get my sister some hybrid diaper stuff — it’s what she seems to like and they don’t have gDiapers for sale there, apparently. Then I’d get my sister-in-law some pink and purple diapers for her stash!! (Yay, I’m having a niece!) (Well, more accurately, Amy’s having my niece … ) And I’d get Sue a FuzziBunz and a BumGenius so she can get addicted too try them out. And I’d find a few piddly things that I could use. (An extra pail liner? Some detergent? A few more diapers? Hey, it’s all free at that point, so why not!?)

… It could happen, right!??!


10 responses to “Diaper Junction Giveaway

  1. Yay for color! And if I win I totally plan to get stuff for you and Mendy! Is Amy CDing, too?

    And yippee for having a niece! 😀 That’s so exciting!

    • YAY! My first niece!! And, yes. Amy’s CDing. She’s PRETTY much full-time with Nathan now. She still uses disposables for church and stuff, but she’s still building her stash. She ALMOST bought the pink Rumparooz that was for sale for like $15 a few weeks ago, but she really thought she was having a boy, so she didn’t. Now she wishes she had!!

  2. Yay, I vote either one of you wins because that means happy’s for me! 🙂 Can I put in a request for some Rockin’ Green since I’m still yet to place my order for that myself? 🙂 Also, I can save you some of that 500 on shipping if you want! 🙂

  3. Is the Sue you’re referring to me? well I hope you win regardless. 🙂

  4. Okay, so I don’t blog and I don’t even have internet access at home….yes..I know..I’m SO OUT OF THE LOOP!
    I think I’ve entered the contest for Diaper Junction so you guys will be covered if I win for some ODD reason! 🙂
    The only catch is…Someone will have to let me know since I will be out with my precious girl by then (hopefully).

  5. I was so excited that I’d be able to go to the warehouse while I’m here in VA Beach for the week, but did you know that they have closed their storefront here? I’m SO bummed. 😦

    • I did know that. But there’s a warehouse somewhere … right? There’s gotta be.

      Did you also know that there’s a “place” opening in Charleston? I saw a booth for them at the Charleston Repeats sale a couple of weeks ago. It’s called Teeny Turtle or something like that. Now, I use the term “place” loosely, because it seems they’re going to be following a similar business model to Diaper Junction’s in that there is some local benefit — no shipping and pick-up from … wherever — but they seem to be primarily focused on building a web presence and not a local presence. And apparently they don’t like to advertise where they are, give out a phone number, or respond to emails.

      If they continue to not respond to my emails, I may get you to pick a few things up from DJ for me. I’ll be in touch.

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