The Stash

IMG_7614(These photos are NOT good. Funny how things like taking “high quality” pictures of diapers takes such a low priority when you have a kid!) 🙂

Nevertheless, this is my stash. With two BG 3.0s missing (one in the pail and one on the bum).

For her birthday, we received several new diapers and some diaper money, so this is it. And I feel like my stash is complete. I am doing diaper laundry every 4 days, which is just long enough for the load to be full without being overloaded and the pail hasn’t started to smell up the house at that point, so … bonus!

I have two diaper baskets under the changing table: The Day Care / Grandma basket and The At-Home basket.


The Day Care / Grandma Basket contains 13 Bum Genius 3.0s and one Bum Genius 4.0 (velcro). I’ve already explained how we feel about these — and we still love them. Both grandmas learned how to use them and they’re easy enough for the day care people to handle, so we save these for those occasions. (As an aside, I’d like to mention, the BG 4.0 velcro is much softer than the velcro on the 3.0. I’ve only used this diaper a couple of times so I can’t vouch for its staying power, but it’s definitely different.)


The At-Home Basket holds all of our snap diapers, All In Ones and our one All In Two. The snap ones that we have are five FuzzyBunz OS diapers (there’s an orange one there behind that berry-colored one), a FuzziBunz PerfectSize , two Flips, and two BG 4.0 snaps. We were given two Cuteybaby diapers — those are the polka-dot ones. I LOVE that pattern (and I’m not much of a patterned-diaper girl)! The colors are awesome, but the diapers are size Large and are still a little big yet.


And we have (from left to right) one Katydid diaper, a Softbums, and a GroVia. These were all free (the Katydid and the GroVia were part of the KellysCloset Spend $25, get a free One Size Diaper promotion).

I like the Katydid. It has fleece lining like a FuzziBunz, but is very similar to a Bum Genius in other ways (the flap to fold over the opening and the basic shape of the diaper). The only thing I’m slightly confused about how it sizes. Their size-adjustments are a little different than the other OS diapers we have, and Iva seems to be right in between their Medium and Large. So we’ve double-stuffed this one to use as an overnight, leaving the rise unsnapped (on the large setting) and had no overnight leaks. It’s a good diaper and, as Iva grows a little, I’ll probably like it more!

We’ve had a leaking problem with the Softbums overnight. I’ve taken it out of night-time rotation until I have time to research and figure out what I’m doing wrong. It still works great as a daytime diaper though! Love how trim it is – and so soft!

I haven’t used the GroVia yet. It has to be washed 6-7 times in order to be prepped and … I’ve washed it twice. I just haven’t had time to finish prepping it in order to be able to use it. We’ll use it one day!


7 responses to “The Stash

  1. I am SO JEALOUS of all of that COLOR! Ugh… I want to hug your stash! haha!

    Also, I’ve never used GroVia… what’s it made of? If it’s all synthetic it probably only needs to be washed once to be prepped.

  2. Nevermind. It’s cotton right?

  3. Spend $25 get a free one size diaper?? Are they still doing that? How do you get that promotion? If you find another great deal like this, please send it my way!!!!

  4. I never did get the diapers from Craigslist I was telling you about. I wish I knew somebody who would let me try out a few different ones. Then I would feel more comfortable investing in a whole lot of them. 🙂

  5. What a great stash, Rita! Love those polka-dot ones…too cute! Maybe we’ll have a girl next time and I can get a couple cutsie ones:)

    And, like Kelly, I’d like to know how you got those free diapers w/ the promotion?!

  6. @Sue – has a promotion that lets you try different brands of cloth diapers for what amounts to $10. You pay $100, then get your money back upon return of the diapers. Or something like that. It’s a really good deal if you just want a sampler!

    That’s a nice, varied stash. I never did find the BumGenius love, but I know they’re great. We’re mostly a prefolds kind of people around our house; even hubby and my MIL like them (but she cloth diapered both DH and his brother). I like an AI2 like Softbums for going out, though. So much easier, especially on a squirmy baby like ours!

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