12 Months

At 12 months, Miss Ivalee:


  • loves to eat what we’re eating! If she could speak, she’d say, “I’ll have what they’re having” every time! She loves cheese quesadillas (I make them with steamed broccoli and cauliflower when I make them at home). Apple muffins and banana muffins (I make them using this super easy recipe) with yogurt are her favorite breakfast combination these days. And we introduced strawberries recently … a definite hit! And RICE!! She takes after her daddy’s side of the family with her love of rice! But if we would let her, this child would eat cheese all day every day. At meal time, we have to feed her all the other meal elements first before we break out the cheese or everything else ends up on the floor.


  • walks. And she’s getting better and better at it every day.

  • signs for “more”, but in all honesty she uses it like, “I want that.” (In the video above, she signs for more when her daddy moves the baby doll out of reach.) I guess it communicates the same point and it’s WAY better than the screaming she used to communicate, “More, please!” before! So we’ll take it!! đŸ™‚
  • has six teeth: four on top and two on bottom. I’m not sure where, but judging from the amount of drool we’ve been seeing lately, I’d just about bet a new one will pop thru in the next few days.


  • moved up to the Toddler class in church nursery last weekend. It may have been very slightly premature, but I was working in that class this week and wanted to see for myself how she’d do. She did great! (And by very slightly premature, I really do mean that between last Sunday and this Sunday, there’s all the difference in the world in her walking abilities. She’ll dominate in there this week!)


  • “dances”. If there’s music going, she stops what she’s doing, listens for a moment and then “dances” to the beat. This is especially entertaining at Mexican restaurants. The waiters and waitresses think she’s a trip!
  • is … well, is it possible? She’s getting more and more beautiful by the day.

4 responses to “12 Months

  1. member when you were afraid you were going to have an ugly baby?

  2. @Mendy – Bahahah! I was scared I would have an ugly baby!
    I can’t believe she’s a year old! (and I haven’t met her)

  3. awww…she is beautiful!!!

    I can’t believe how her and Cai’s updates are SO close! I think they’d be good friends if we lived closer together:)

  4. Earrings???! Cute!

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